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The New Campus Center


"Get Centered" in Tabor's New Campus Center

This new building is designed to be the heart of Tabor. Located in the central part of campus, it will serve as the main hub of school life, bringing together students for living and learning under one roof.

In June 2022, Tabor Academy announced that the new building will be named the Travis Roy Campus Center, in honor of the late Travis Roy '95, beloved alumnus, trustee, and friend. Read more about this tribute.

The design of the new building will allow it to pay tribute to the rest of our campus while providing a much-needed Student Union, a place for students to relax, unwind, and come together. The building will also provide a centralized home for our student life offices, and house a modern library, ASSIST tutoring spaces and offices, and the Tabor Archives.

Read on to learn more about this exciting project and how you can help us "Get Centered."

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Get Centered

List of 7 items.

  • Get Centered {a commitment to our students}

    Tabor is committed to student growth and development through its programs and institutional initiatives, including the new Campus Center Project. Elizabeth Taber said it best:

    The student experience is the essence of our foundation.

    “. . . it is my will and desire that not only the nature of the branches taught and the character of the instruction given shall from time to time be modified so as reasonably to meet the wants of all classes of the community amid which it is located, but that the character of the school itself shall also be gradually elevated and its scope enlarged, till, to the extent of its accommodations and means, it shall afford facilities for the acquisition of a liberal education to the youth of all portions of the country who may desire to participate in its advantages.”
    – Elizabeth Taber, Founder of Tabor Academy
  • Get Centered in a Place to {think}

    The Campus Center provides a thoughtful  space for students to convene and connect intellectually, from study and research in the library and Tabor Archives to gatherings and creative collaboration in meeting rooms and general spaces.
  • Get Centered in a Place to {belong}

    The Campus Center provides a space where everyone can come together and find a place to call their own. From socializing on the patio to coffee in the cafe, the Student Union is the hub of student life. And, the facility provides a unified location for the Student Life Offices.
  • Get Centered in a Place to {connect}

    The Campus Center brings academics and student life together under one roof, providing opportunities for students to create lasting relationships with both faculty and their peers.
  • Get Centered in a Place to {reflect}

    The Campus Center provides a much-needed space for our Tabor Archives, so we can embrace and preserve our history, collect the tales of Tabor, and continue to share our stories for generations to come. 
  • Get Centered on the {first floor}

    The Student Union and Student Life Offices
    • Centralized Student Life Offices
    • Meeting Rooms and ample seating
    • Student Union - General space for students
    • Student Union - Coffee House-style Cafe
    • Patios and Outdoor Seating
  • Get Centered on the {second floor}

    Academics & Archives
    • The Library
    • Tabor Archives
    • ASSIST Center and tutoring spaces
    • Executive Conference Room/Classroom 
    • Balcony

The Details

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  • The First Floor: The Student Union

    The first floor is our Student Union, a space designed for student life, social activities, and coming together as a community. The space will include:
    • Student Life Offices including Deans Office, DEI, and Student Activities with open waiting areas complete with comfortable seating options
    • Multipurpose rooms for use by offices, student clubs, and campus teams/organizations to allow for meetings, collaborative work, and study
    • A large open area that will house seating on a daily basis, but can also be cleared for social gatherings
    • Comfortable furniture
    • Fireplace
    • Cafe - coffee house style offering healthy food and drinks (the Beebe will remain in the Field House)
    • Full commercial kitchen for functions
  • The Second Floor: Academics & Archives

    Devoted to academics and archives, this second floor will include:
    • A modernized library with ample study spaces
    • The ASSIST Center with added tutoring spaces that can be used for study spaces in the off-hours
    • A multipurpose conference room, which will include wood paneling that is being salvaged from the Vance and Thayer Rooms in the existing Hayden Library, as well as lighting fixtures salvaged from Hayden Library
    • The Tabor Archives
  • Timeline

    Prior to 2019
    Architectural Concepts
    Research and Planning

    Architectural Design & Construction Documents

    October-November 2021

    Phase One: Demolition on Hayden Library 
    Break Ground for Construction

    November 2021-March 2022
    Phase Two: Infrastructure & Utilities

    March - September 2022
    Phase Three: Structural Framing

    September - December 2022
    Phase Four: Finishes

    December 2022
    Phase Five: Inspection, Completion, Open for Use
  • Additional Details

    Please note the new Campus Center will be energy efficient, ADA compliant, and include gender neutral facilities. The parking lot will also include charging stations for electric vehicles.



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