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A Statement from Tabor Academy Regarding Racial Slur on Campus

On Thursday, November 11, Head of School Tony Jaccaci was informed that a visiting soccer player from Phillips Academy Andover reported to his coach following a match against our boys varsity soccer game on Wednesday that he heard a racial slur from the stands used against a player on the field during the game. An investigation was immediately launched.
Tabor Academy expresses deep regret and sorrow for the use of a racial slur in the crowd of the soccer game on our campus this past week, and we acknowledge the harm to the players at whom the slur was targeted. While our on-going investigation has not identified the individual who made this statement, we unequivocally refute racism and hate speech in all forms. Our community is committed to, and will remain committed to, creating a community based on acceptance and belonging. Communication was sent to our students, faculty, staff, and parents echoing these statements on Friday, November 12.
If anyone who was at the game has any information, we ask that you speak to a member of the Tabor administration. You can also share information with us privately by emailing our administration at
Our goal is to create an environment of support for all students, a place where they feel welcome and safe. One of the ways we can do this is to ensure our campus, athletics events in particular, are welcoming for all. This is no place for language that attacks or causes harm.
Regardless of determining the source of the statement, this game was played at Tabor, and this is our home. Any form of racism, bigotry, or hate speech has no place in our home. 

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