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Tabor Gateways Program

Gateways Summer Program is Virtual for 2021

Virtual Session Date: July 18 - July 31

One virtual session from Saturday, July 18 - Saturday, July 31 (off on Sunday, July 25) for students entering grades 7-10. 


8 AM to 11 AM EST (evening in China) 
Tabor Gateways is a pre-prep academic program for international students. Each day includes two hours for the seminar, one hour for interactive English learning 


Enjoy an online two-week program for Middle School students from China who want to study with Tabor faculty and college student staff in four seminars. 

Students will: 
  • Practice collaborative learning in groups of 6-8 students led by teaching assistants 
  • Study with Tabor faculty for seminar sessions 
  • Prepare to be global citizens   
Four three-day seminars (2 hours a day) include: 
  • Marine Science 
  • Historian as Detective 
  • Coding Basics 
  • Speech & Debate 
Please note: Zoom internet connection is required; some materials may need to be purchased

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The 2021 Virtual Session Cost: $1,300.



More information about Tabor Gateways may be found through Julie Crosby, Registration Manager or call 508.291.8558.


Admissions Office: 226 Front Street, Marion MA 02738 | Mail: 66 Spring Street, Marion MA 02738 | 508.748.2000 |