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Tabor Gateways Program

Welcome to Tabor Gateways!

(Boarding only for students entering 7th-10th grade)

Two 3-Week Sessions:   

English and Chinese Language Students: Join together as you perfect your Chinese or English skills and practice with native speakers your age while enjoying fun experiences that will make conversing easy and fun! 

Note: While we welcome students to apply from other countries including the United States, we expect that a majority and perhaps all of our student population will be from mainland China.

2020 DATES:

July 8 - July 26 (Session #1)
July 27 - August 14 (Session #2)

Academic program – 4 engaging seminars taught by Tabor faculty in English
Cultural exploration – Boston, Providence, Newport to visit universities, observe whales, and see the historic mansions of Newport
Residential life – Interact with American staff on Tabor's friendly, seaside campus
Language Learning – instruction, games, and activities in the evening for learning Chinese or English with staff who will encourage practice with native speakers

Program Features

  • Our three-week program includes four seminars: 
    Historian as Detective, with trip to Manjiro Train in Fairhaven, MA;
    Model United Nations, with simulation conference;
    Marine Science, with whale watch trip and daily use of Tabor's Marine Science Laboratory;
    Chemistry and Cooking, with laboratory study and a cookout. 
    Each seminar includes three days of morning of instruction and student-centered learning, all done in English language, as well as supplementary activities and projects.
  • Five days are devoted to excursions to nearby universities (MIT, Brown, Harvard) and New England highlights (Newport Cliff Walk and Mansion Tour, Plymouth Whale Watch)

  • Afternoon activities include swimming, field games, badminton, squash, basketball, baseball, and group bonding activities. Residential staff include Tabor faculty and recent Tabor graduates who understand global education, some of them students of Chinese language.

  • Evening one-hour language learning sessions teach communication skills in English or Chinese. Students record and present narratives and interviews in the language they are learning.

  • Residential life includes opportunity for cross-cultural friendships in a shared learning living environment for participants.

  • Collaborative work in a variety of media (text, photo and video), is posted on class websites for parents to view after the summer session.

Be A Global Navigator!

  • Global Navigators are American and International students from other countries who seek a cross cultural experience and are eager to learn about China and acquire beginning Chinese language skills.
  • Be both a teacher and a learner as you learn Chinese and practice with native speakers!


The 2020 3-Week Session Cost: $5000. Travel is additional. Students may attend only one session.

Global Navigators


More information about Tabor Gateways may be found through Julie Crosby, Registration Manager or call 508.291.8558.


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