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Marine Science Camp

Tabor Academy's Marine Science Camp: Canceled for 2021

The goal of the Tabor Academy Marine Science Camp is to immerse students in an ocean environment for the purpose of exploration, education, and the development of global responsibility. Explore the opportunity of our unparalleled marine biology summer camp for high school students.

Students may choose 1, 2, or 3 weeks for either the day or residential program.
Day Program (entering grades 8 to 12)
Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Saturday 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM (noon)
Residential Program (entering grades 8 to 12)
Begins Sunday at 5:00 PM and ends Saturday at 12:00 PM* (noon)
*if attending consecutive week(s) campers will remain on campus

Program Features

    • Use of Tabor Academy’s state-of-the-art Marine Science Center
    • Instruction from passionate and experienced marine science instructors
    • Use of the fleet of boats available for marine science research
    • Access to dynamic ocean habitats including a whale watch on Stellwagen Bank and a field excursion to a rocky habitat on Cape Cod
    • Accommodations in a comfortable dormitory setting
    • All meals, with a variety of menus for varying diets 

          Budding Marine Scientists Enjoy:

          • Developing a research project using the scientific method and working with our instructors for guidance
          • Observing the inhabitants of a multitude of habitats with snorkel, mask, and fins
          • Catching and identifying local marine life by harmless capture methods
          • Practicing chemical and physical sampling techniques to learn about the health of our ocean
          • Voyaging to Stellwagen Bank to witness the behavior of a large whale community
          • Navigating local marshes, rivers, and islands paddling in a kayak

          Fun Evening Activities

          • Pizza & Movie night
          • Ice Cream at Marion's SeaDips
          • Crafts Night
          • Cookout & Firepits
          • Bowling
          • Roller Skating
          • Laser Tag


          Jay Cassista, Director, Marine Science Camp


          Admissions Office: 226 Front Street, Marion MA 02738 | Mail: 66 Spring Street, Marion MA 02738 | 508.748.2000 |