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Global Travel Programs

Students in airport for global travel program to Spain

Tentative Program Schedule for the 2023-24 Academic Year


San Salvador Island, Bahamas
The Bahamas Coral Reef Restoration Program at Gerace Research Centre on San Salvador Island is focused on restoring coral reef communities to a healthy and sustainable state, challenging students to be creative engineers, positive group contributors, and globally aware citizens of our water planet. 

Beijing, China
This week-long exchange in Beijing, China with RDFZ-Xishan School will provide insight into Chinese history and culture through and promote friendship with Chinese peers.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Spend a week in Copenhagen, Denmark, living and learning with peers from Rysensteen Gymnasium as we explore topics such as minimalism, social programs, and sustainability.


Toronto, Canada
The Global Ideas Institute is a yearlong project in which Tabor students, under the mentorship of students at the University of Toronto, prepare strategies to address global challenges at the local level; the four accepted students will travel to Toronto to present their strategy at the GII Summit, all expenses paid.


Our voyage to France will feature homestays in the Loire Valley, language study at St. Denis International School in Loches, and visits to important cultural sites in Paris.

Experience two of Spain’s distinct regions, first enjoying the cultural riches of the capital in greater Madrid and then traveling south to Granada, Andalucía, where 700 years of Muslim influence can be felt in everything from language to architecture to food.

Visit Nepal with Tabor in June 2024 to explore the Kathmandu Valley and Chitwan National Park, partnering with grassroots organizations to learn how social, cultural, and environmental issues are being tackled in both rural and urban settings.