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Day Student Life

7 female students laughing around a table on patio of Campus Center

Day students make up approximately a quarter of Tabor's student body. Their integration within our school community is so seamless that distinguishing between day students and boarders becomes a challenge. Day students shine in leadership positions all around campus, actively engage in planning and participating in weekend events, and extend their hospitality as gracious hosts, thereby broadening Tabor's cultural interactions with peers from various countries or distant parts of the nation.

The Day Experience

At Tabor, day students have several areas of campus where they can carve out places to call their own during the day to study, socialize, or just relax. Stroud Academic Center has several popular hangout spots for Day Students, including the Carlson Room, which has comfy couches, and the Atrium which is home to the mailbox area for students and has small tables for study and socializing. Stroud is also one of the locations for Day Student lockers. In addition, day students can be found at the Beebe Grill & Cafe in the Fish Athletic Center and the new Travis Roy Campus Center, which has everything from the Martignetti Student Union—complete with Cafe and ample soft seating areas—to meeting rooms that can be signed out for quiet study or group meetings. The library, also part of the Campus Center, has additional places where day students can find some quiet spaces to study, just downstairs from the library you will find another set of day student lockers.

Day Student Houses

Organized into three virtual "houses," day students enjoy a distinct sense of belonging, mirroring the camaraderie that boarders experience in their dormitories. These houses, each named after former Heads of School, engage in spirited competitions during campus-wide events like our orientation Seawolf Games and themed contests like costume dances. House proctors and volunteers curate activities for their members, offering yet another collective identity for day students, supplementing their involvement in teams, clubs, and advisory groups.

Students viewing the 2022-23 yearbook for the first time

The Day Student Advantage

Being a day student an extraordinary privilege. The diversity of our campus community is a rare educational asset, an experience many students don't have the chance to encounter. From classmates hailing from as far as Ukraine and Thailand to those from the Southern and Western parts of the United States, a boarding school like Tabor widens the scope for peer learning opportunities.