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Clubs & Activities

Student-Run Clubs

Some clubs, like Special Olympics, meet regularly and have a student leadership structure, relying on the students to keep the group running and living to its fullest potential. In addition to meetings, these groups host or attend events on and off campus and help to serve our community in a variety of ways.

students in Tabor t-shirts working on a farm
Student Community Service Board

Much of our community service activities are monitored, planned, and promoted through our community service board, made up of students. Service is an important value at Tabor and we are proud of our student leadership in this area.

Learn more about service opportunities at Tabor

Student Activities Council

Other activities add to our weekend programming. The Student Activities Council (SAC) works with our Student Life Office to plan weekend social and community events of interest to the students. On any given weekend, students may decide to cook, head out at dawn to fish or kayak, or participate in a pickleball or basketball tournament. 

Student Government

Tabor Academy Student Council (TASC) is our constitutionally organized form of student government with elected officers at each class level and two co-heads of school (seniors) elected by the student body. Together, this group of student leaders will plan class events and fundraisers as well as suggest policy updates concerning student life to the Head of School and Dean of Students.

Beyond the vibrant realms of athletics and the arts, Tabor extends its educational experience by offering an array of activities that let students dive head first into their passions. These aren't just clubs; they're avenues of exploration and connection. Groups like Model UN, Engineering, Robotics, PhotoPool, and student publications aren't merely about an extracurricular pastime—they’re about immersing yourself in meaningful experiences that combine your unique passions and curiosities with both collaborative and individual pursuits.

Each of these groups offers a dynamic blend of skill-building, intellectual engagement, and camaraderie. In today's interconnected world, these activities enable you to enhance your teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving abilities – traits that will undoubtedly serve you well beyond high school. 

Some clubs have graced our campus for generations, embodying a rich legacy of exploration, while others make a splash due to the burgeoning interests of the student body. If a subject captures your imagination and there's a faculty sponsor who shares your enthusiasm, a new club just might find its inception. Embark on a journey of self-discovery, collaboration, and intellectual awakening, all while having a lot of fun along the way.

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