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Boarding Student Life

Dormitory living offers students an incredible chance to share their lives with peers hailing from all corners of the country and the world. The presence of both roommates and dorm mates enriches students' understanding of varied viewpoints—an essential skill for any student's growth.

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Explore Residential Life at Tabor

The essence of our boarding school life is embodied in Tabor's small dormitories. Ensuring personal connections, our largest dorm houses just 32 students. In each dorm, a minimum of four adults assume the roles of houseparents, guiding, overseeing, and supporting the dorm's residents. The camaraderie fostered in dorm life doesn't just remain within those walls—it spills over into classrooms and on the playing fields. Complementing this structure, student proctors, meticulously chosen and trained by the Student Life Office, provide additional oversight. These student leaders not only assist with dorm activities but also serve as role models and confidants for their peers.

Dorm Traditions and Connections

Tabor's legacy of boarding education dates back to its inception in 1876. Since then, our dormitories have maintained both cherished and modernized traditions: One dorm upholds fireside chats at ten o'clock, even though the fireplace itself is gone; another enjoys guided strolls to stargaze; yet another thrives on karaoke sessions, holding sing-offs in its common room post-study hall. Birthday celebrations, a favorite in every dorm, take on unique flavors, with some featuring cakes and others savoring s’mores.

In our tight-knit dorm community, where students and faculty know each other well, and where older students provide assistance and encouragement to their younger peers, the richness of the boarding experience truly flourishes.

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