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Student Life

You belong here.

At Tabor, our strength lies in the unity of our community. While friendships flourish during games and weekends, we set aside dedicated moments three to four times a week to convene the entire school, celebrating achievements, savoring student performances, engaging in conversation, and collectively reflecting. At our School by the Sea, we understand that it's the people who shape remarkable learning environments. Both within and beyond the classroom, our students have fostered a compassionate culture that emboldens them to express their interests, talents, and ideas openly. In an environment where you're encouraged to be yourself while always belonging to our community, the horizons of possibility are boundless.

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Some of the ways we connect as a community:

high school students in formal attire laughing and clapping in chapel seats


Every week, the entire Tabor community converges at Wickenden Chapel for a non-denominational assembly. This gathering includes engaging Chapel Talks, where members of the senior class and faculty take the stage to address the community. Accompanied by musical pieces performed on the organ and performances by Tabor’s talented singing or instrument groups, the Chapel Talk program provides speakers with the opportunity to share their personal experiences, sparking contemplation and reflection among the listeners. Through these personal speeches, the Tabor community draws even closer, fostering an atmosphere of acceptance and unity.

five students and one teacher meeting around a picnic table


Every other Tuesday, students and their advisors come together in their advisory groups. While there might be shared agenda topics from the Dean's Office, this time is primarily dedicated to students reconnecting, touching base with their advisors, and organizing plans for personal meetings or engaging group activities. During their initial year at Tabor, students are matched with an advisor. After their first year, they have the option to either continue with the same group or choose a new advisor if they prefer. All ninth graders are part of a coordinated advisory program targeted to support students during their first year of high school.

All-School Meetings

Thursday mornings, the school congregates in the Fireman Center Auditorium to hear announcements, plans for weekend activities, and see a performance by a Tabor group or an outside company. All School Meeting, run by the student Co-Heads of School, helps to build school spirit and keep everyone informed of what’s happening on campus.


Students in business formal attire sitting in assembly clapping

Department/Class Meetings

Every other Friday, officers and advisors of each grade have the option of holding a class meeting. These assemblies pertain only to a single class and often involve updates from the college counseling office, plans for fundraising and general announcements.