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Senior Projects

Senior Projects

Senior Projects allow seniors in good academic standing to drop classes in the last trimester as necessary in order to pursue a project of their own creation. Projects typically include original art and music, all manner of building projects from boats to motorcycles, and internships in business, government, and non-profit organizations from architectural firms and catering kitchens to hospitals. The Senior Projects Committee approves the projects after a rigorous application process. In the last week of the academic year, the entire Tabor community attends Senior Project presentations, a capstone event that allows the seniors to show all they have learned during the project period. Please explore below to see a sampling of Senior Projects. 

In 2020, the Coronavirus Pandemic caused major disruptions to our seniors' plans. In all, 27 seniors had projects approved for the spring semester of 2020.  As our new reality set in, just nine were able to take on a project. We are so proud of their efforts and determination. While it was different, they still learned a great deal about their interests.
Kazim Ng'20 shared this quote to summarize his project: “If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.” —Albert Einstein

The 2020 Projects

Kazim Ng

Kazim Ng did research on skincare. He shared tips for success and delved into marketing ideas designed to remove gender barriers that may prevent men from enjoying skincare products. Read his blog

Eleanor Bomberg

Eleanor created a line of clothing based on childhood memories of living in Asia and her sense of classy style. Sewing was tough at first, but she got the hang of it. As she went, she learned that making her most complicated styles with various materials was difficult and perhaps impractical for daily wear. For her, simple and comfortable was a better fit. Read her blog

James Estabrook

James created a business, Marion Beverage Co., along with a craft soda recipe. Despite the virus, he learned about carbonation, bottling, marketing, and now he is into sales! He said, “No one thought with the situation in today’s world I would even come close to ending up with a final bottled product. Even I was surprised when that very thing happened!”
Find him online at and read his blog.

Mia Vaughn

Mia is a multi-talented artist who enjoys singing. She learned about music production. During her project, she wrote and performed songs and enjoyed photography as a way to represent her music.

Stuart Wemple

Stuart combined his interest in sailing, adventure, and photography. He did a photo documentary of his effort to rehabilitate a classic sailboat that he hopes to enjoy for years to come during adventures in Buzzards Bay and beyond. Read his blog

Taylor Spikell

Taylor created designs to decorate surfboards while also learning about environmental causes that surfers take on to protect the oceans. She said, "What I liked most about doing this project was that I was able to combine two of my greatest passions, the environment and art while exploring what surfing communities were doing to help the oceans. I learned things about myself as an artist and I would not trade this experience for anything. I am also so glad Tabor was able to still make some projects work, and I was so happy to take part." Read her blog

Ben Ackerman

Ben created a high risk, high reward stock portfolio in order to learn about investing. He said he took to heart advice his project advisor shared, "Move quickly if you have a hunch and you've done the proper analysis." Read his blog

Samantha Shannon

Samantha explored the world of Tarot, an interest she was intrigued by but had little time to research. She explained that Tarot has a bad reputation and people don't realize that the cards simply suggest a possible future. She enjoyed learning to listen well in order to be able to share better readings, and though she can do readings virtually, she prefers being in person. Read her blog

Peter Murray

Peter enjoyed creating an imaginative world from his room. Influenced by Evelyn Waugh, he spent his project period writing satire! Read his blog

2019 Projects...a more typical year

List of 18 items.

  • A Collection of Original Scenes

    Maya Yukselen

    I wrote and directed a series of comedic scenes that will be performed by a cast of eight Tabor students. 
  • Aquaponics

    Kellie Navarro
    My senior project involved combining marine science and engineering.  I built an aquaponics system (growing food using fish) to further my passion for sustainability. I also incorporated my love for service by exposing middle school students to aquaculture, hydroponics, and aquaponics through a day-long community service event. 
  • Boat Restoration

    John Collins 

    I restored a 1981Herreshoff H12 sailboat that has been in my family for years.
  • Bringing Delta Back to Marion

    Max Gryska

    For my senior project, I did restoration work on a 103-year-old, twenty-seven-foot wooden sailboat.
  • Building a Surfboard

    Blake Bartell

    My senior project was building my own surfboard. I learned how to do this from start to finish, by hand.
  • Ceramic Tiles

    Vyper Latulippe 

    I designed and made thousands of ceramic tiles for each doorway in the language wing. Each tile design is based around the language taught in that classroom.
  • Collaboration with SMAST at UMass Dartmouth

    Sophie Banas

    I have been working with the School of Marine Science and Technology (SMAST at UMass Dartmouth) to create different models of raw data using the program Matlab. We used data from sensors placed on Loggerhead turtles by NOAA and compared it to data the school has collected from their ocean glider to try to confirm various computer models on various topics like currents, temperature, etc.

    Read Sophie's blog post about her project.
  • DJ'ing and Pocket Operators

    Sophie Browning

    I have been learning how to use a pocket operator to distort the filter, trim, and tone of different sounds and beats to create looping patterns. I also experimented with the Traktor Kontrol Deck to mix songs and learn the basics of DJ'ing.
  • Exploring Nutrition

    Julia Harding

    For my senior project, I researched a few of the current fads in nutrition, food as medicine, what it means to be a nutritionist, and the importance of healthy living.

    See Julia's website here with her research
  • Finger Painting

    Liz Seero
    I discovered the beauty, and drawbacks, of using my fingers to create art.
  • Liberty Academy

    Megan Carchidi

    For my senior project, I wrote, directed, filmed, and produced a mini-mockumentary series surrounding a teacher's secret tik-tok account.
  • Mapping Connections at Tabor

    Samantha Cohen

    I used connections between current students and their advisors to build a model that will help to place incoming Tabor students into advisories based on shared interests.
  • Micro-Financing in Ecuador

    Jack Marvel
    My senior project involved studying microfinancing and seeing first-hand what micro-financing looks like while traveling to Ecuador.
  • Redefining Beautiful

    Margaret Adams
    50 people were asked the same few questions on their perceptions of the word “beautiful” and my project was making a montage of the answers and analyzing their responses. 

    Enjoy Maggie's Video here
  • Speaking through Dance

    Matthew Carvalho
    I interviewed people who have survived or been affected by cancer, choreographed their stories into dance, and put on a fundraising showcase in the black box.

    View Matthew's show here
  • Tabor Talk

    Yasmin Madmoune
    I created a talk show that would unpack prevalent issues and perspectives in our community.

    Hear the talks here
  • Volunteering at New Bedford Youth Opportunities Unlimited

    Roberta Fisher 

    I culminated four years of Big Brother, Big Sister volunteerism by learning how to run a non-profit organization. I worked with the program's director to create my own curriculum and taught two separate school groups science, poetry, and art before hosting the students during a visit to Tabor.
  • Writing an Original Album of Music

    Quentin Doggett
    My senior project was all about writing and producing original songs. I experimented with different genres and learned how to use a program called Garageband.

List of 18 items.

  • A Day in the Life of a Nurse

    Angela Battiata

    I shadowed some of the Tabor Health Center nurses at their jobs serving either Tobey Hospital or St. Luke's Hospital. I experienced the hectic lifestyle of an E.R. nurse and the calmness of a nurse administrator. 
  • A Play with a Purpose

    Aaliyah Garcia

    I spent the last few weeks writing a play about a suicide hotline worker, including some of the calls she makes throughout her time working as one. The purpose of the show is to raise suicide and mental health awareness among teenagers.
  • Becoming a Dentist

    Shemi Adams

    I learned and experienced what it was like to work as a dentist in a real office. I shadowed two dentists in the local area. I was able to watch oral surgeries and assist the doctors with their tasks.
  • Boys and Girls

    Izzy Vismara

    I made a short documentary that explored the similarities and differences between boys and girls at Tabor. I filmed and edited all my clips myself except for a few outside sources. 

    Enjoy Izzy's video here
  • Canopic Jars

    Sofia Hauser

    For my project, I re-created the four original ceramic jars that ancient Egyptians used to save the sacred organs of the rulers. I have also made four of my own jars inspired by personal events and information I have learned from my research on canopic jars.
  • Cellular Kaleidoscope

    Anna Douglas
    I explored abstract beauty at the cellular level of tissue using a compound microscope. I created photographic reproductions of what I saw in order to show the natural connection between science and art.
  • Custom Fishing Rods

    Clendenin Stewart

    I worked in a shop in Portsmouth, RI, where I learned to build custom fishing rods from a single tapered sleeve of carbon fiber.
  • Homemade Skis

    Ryan Grace

    For my senior project, I made a pair of skis. I had to go through many different steps to do so and learned a lot throughout the process.
  • Hospital Internship

    Elizabeth Eames

    For my senior project, I interned at local hospitals, shadowing nurses to learn what it truly means to be a nurse and work in the medical field. 
  • Internship with Harlem Lacrosse

    Lucy Hauck

    For my project, I worked at the Mildred Ave School in Mattapan. I organized a gear drive to collect lacrosse equipment for the program, and I hosted a clinic for Harlem Lacrosse students at Tabor.
  • Learning American Sign Language & Researching the Deaf World

    Josephine Geraghty

    My senior project has two parts: learning ASL by using workbooks and online resources and researching different aspects of deaf life and culture. 
  • Modern Investment

    Christopher Mills

    I worked with a local investment firm to explore modern investment for the average high school student.
  • Shaping a Surfboard

    Weston Kelliher

    For my project, I was tasked with designing and hand shaping a surfboard. During my project, along with learning how to shape a board, I also learned about what surfing means to me and many others.
  • Slapping Alarm Clock

    BK Kim

    I made an alarm clock that slaps me on the face so I will wake up in the morning and not be late to classes next year.

    See BK's slapping alarm clock on video!
  • TaborCenter

    Ryan Zeien

    I produced a weekly video about Tabor athletics based on the ESPN show SportsCenter. 

    See the videos here
  • The Last Five Years

    Kelsey Boch

    I put on a production of the musical "The Last Five Years" by Jason Robert Brown and performed the role. 

    Read Kelsey's blog post about her project.
  • WCKD Fashion Blog

    Lauren Dawicki

    For my senior project, I created a fashion blog in which I posted two articles a week about everything from the latest runway trends to sustainability within the fashion industry.

    Read Lauren's blog post about her project.

    See her blog at
  • Working at the CEDC

    Tanya Mendoza

    I interned at the CEDC (Community Economic Development Center) in New Bedford. This community center offers services, such as free tax assistance, small business assistance, ESL classes, first-time home-buying courses, and acts as a principal immigrant support network in New Bedford.


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