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School by the Sea

Meet Captain Geil

Captain James E. Geil

Captain James Geil was introduced to boating at the age of three; at age twelve, he built his first boat.

In early 1985, James Geil was hired as a mate aboard the Tabor Boy under Captain George Glaeser. In the fall, he became a full-time faculty member in the Nautical Science Department. In 1987, he assumed command of Tabor Boy upon Captain Glaeser's retirement. He holds a US Coast Guard 500 ton license - master of steam, motor or auxiliary sail on any ocean. While at Tabor, Captain Geil has sailed more than 75,000 miles with hundreds of student crew. He transited the Panama Canal with Tabor Boy in 1993, an historic event for the schooner. Since then he has spent summers in Maine and more recently around Buzzards Bay, running our Orientation at Sea Program. Every other winter he and the crew host our student researchers during our Research & Environmental Education Focus (R.E.E.F.) Program in the Virgin Islands providing a familiar home away from home.

Captain Geil has sailed the schooner in almost every kind of weather, shepherding her through several gales at sea and a couple of hurricanes at anchor. Through his wide experience and quiet confidence, Cap, as he is known to his crew, has taught scores of students to love and respect the sea.
"An eye for detail, and a demand for the best you have." A quote from an unnamed alumnus.


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