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Some Other Questions You May Have

List of 11 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. When can we leave for breaks? What transportation does TA provide?

    The Major Dates Calendar for the Academic Year can be found in the Calendar section of our website. Please note the following when planning travel:  
    • The school day we leave for a break is a full day of classes with no afternoon activities.  
    • The departure window for students to leave campus that day is from 3:15 PM through the following day at 6:00 PM. Students may leave school after their final commitment, which will end no later than 3:15 PM.
    • Tabor will provide transportation buses to Providence and Boston on major holidays for students on the afternoon of the day we start the break and the next morning.
  • Q. English is not my first language. Can someone help me?

    We have teachers and students from around the world and we can connect you to someone who can help. Please call Admissions at 508.291.8300 or the Center for International Students at 508.291.8380 for help.
  • Q. What school supplies should I bring?

    While you will find most things you need at Tabor's school store, you may want to bring some things from home!

    You will need:
    Pencils, pens, erasers
    Straight-edge or ruler
    Compass (for Geometry only)
    Stapler and staples
    Paper clips
    Notebooks or three-ring binders
    Three-hole punch

    Other helpful supplies include: sticky notes, dividers for notebooks, graph paper, white address labels for computer generated flash cards, colored pencils, tape, glue sticks, etc.

    Don't worry! If you forget something, we likely will have it. And Staples is close by.
  • Q. Should I buy new or used textbooks?

    Please wait until you receive your confirmed course list before buying books.

    Clearly, purchasing used books can result in substantial savings. That said, parents and students should think carefully before deciding which used books to buy. Many students are very comfortable reading used books, while others find the markings, high-lightings, annotations, etc., in some used books very distracting. Similarly, some students do well with used textbooks in courses that play to their strengths, but find it more helpful to work with their own “clean” textbooks in courses that present them with greater challenge. Considering these situations can make for more informed purchases and help to get the most out of the money spent on either new or used textbooks.

    Once your courses are set, you can use our online bookstore or another used book seller such as Amazon to purchase books by August 15.

  • Q. What should I know about Technology at Tabor?

    While bringing your own computer is optional, most students bring a Mac laptop, although PC is fine as well. There is wireless internet in the dormitories and in all the study areas throughout school. There are also many computers on campus for your use, as well as laptops to borrow in the library, should you prefer not to bring a computer to campus.
  • Q. When will I know my roommate and dorm assignment?

    All will be revealed to you at Registration!
  • Q. How do I get mail?

    Students receive packages at our Receiving/Shipping Office.  Students will receive an e-mail notifying them they have received a package and may pick up their package during the hours displayed on the e-mail. 
    Student mail is delivered to the student’s personal campus mailbox. 
    Students may ship packages and send mail through the Receiving/Shipping Office.  All student mail and student packages should be addressed to: Tabor Academy, STUDENT’S NAME, 66 Spring Street, Marion, MA 02738

    NOTE: International and students from afar: Please see next FAQ for special instructions regarding sending boxes in advance of move-in day.
  • Q. Can I send boxes in advance of moving in?

    Yes! Please inquire at so we can accommodate.  Ideally boxes can be sent after August 15, though exceptions can be made as needed. 

    Please send an email to to let us know what you are sending and when so that we can confirm receipt. Boxes should be mailed to:  Tabor Academy, STUDENT:  (Student's Name), 66 Spring Street, Marion, MA 02738.
  • Q. When should I have my annual physical?

    We will open our health forms on June 1 for your completion. It would be helpful to have physicals completed before the forms are due on July 15. As many health plans require a year between physicals, you can upload your most recent physical when you have it and complete the rest of the forms required on time. Any updates to your medical information can be done through the forms accessed when you login to myTA through the Health Center tile on our Resource Board.
  • Q. When will I know about my courses?

    New students fill in an online form in mid-April that collects information on areas of academic and co-curricular interest. With this information, we develop a comprehensive list of personalized course recommendations. These suggested courses will be communicated to new families in mid-June. 

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If English is not your first language, we can help: Please call 508.291.8300 or email us.

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