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Facility Rentals

Process and Rates

Process and Rates

Thank you for considering renting Tabor Academy facilities. It is our desire that your experience be pleasant and rewarding for you and your group. 

Step 1

All groups seeking to use the Tabor facilities are categorized as one of three user groups.
Group 1: Groups that promote Tabor mission or Tabor faculty
Group 2: Community organizations, Tabor parents, or alumni
Group 3: General public

These groups exist to create a price structure as well as help to assign priority of our rentals. As always, when Tabor is in session, the students and school programs have top priority. Please be aware that Groups 1 and 2 may receive scheduling priority.

Step 2

Contact us for pricing and availability at and then submit the Rental Inquiry Form in order to get the quickest response.


Insurance Requirements

Insurance is required for all outside users of facilities: Tabor Academy must be listed as an additional insured on the policy.


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