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What to Bring/Wear

What to Bring! What to Wear!

Your Dorm Room
The average student room is an 8’ x 11’ area in which the student keeps all of his or her belongings. A bed, desk, area to hang clothes, dresser, wall-to-wall carpet, trash can, and overhead light are provided and cannot be removed from the room.

Personal Belongings Suggested to Bring

It is recommended that students have facemasks on hand, as well as hand sanitizer, especially for travel to and from school or anytime they are in marketplaces outside of Tabor or where they cannot easily social distance. 

  • extra-long sheets and pillowcases (these can be provided by E&R Laundry if you sign up for that service)
  • pillow, blankets and/or comforter
  • towels (may be provided by E&R Laundry if you sign up for that service)
  • desk lamp with a supply of replacement bulbs (60-watt equivalent or under), those with an extra outlet are great.
  • Power strip or grounded extension cord
  • radio, alarm clock
  • personal computer (this is not required; computers are available in the Hayden Library and in the Academic Center) (while most students bring MAC Laptops, PC are acceptable as well)
  • hangers, laundry bag, detergent (free laundry machines, or see Laundry Services for sending out options)
  • posters or photographs (note: decorations may be mounted with “fun tack” or on wall strip only; no adhesive tape, tacks or nails may be used)
  • desk supplies (paper, pens, etc.)
  • current Tabor students recommend the following: a message board for the door, mug, water bottle, dry non-perishable snacks in an airtight tin, area rug, toiletries in a waterproof caddie.

Students may mail boxes to Tabor during the summer after June 6.
  • Please address packages to the student’s name with “New Student” written next to it, Tabor Academy, 66 Spring Street, Marion, MA, 02738, USA.
  • New Students already attending a US school may send or drop off containers in June, for a storage fee of $10 per box. 
  • Boxes will be placed in student rooms shortly before the opening of school. 

The following items should not be in rooms:
  • weight-lifting equipment
  • microwaves, toaster ovens, refrigerators, space heaters, and other appliances
  • pets such as lizards, rodents, snakes, cats, birds, etc.
  • bicycles (there are bike racks outside dorms: locks are recommended)
  • holiday lights of any kind
  • powerful sound systems for music
  • any kind of hanging tapestry
  • candles, incense, lighters, fireworks or matches
  • used liquor bottles, beer cans, beer signs, alcohol, Juul, or tobacco advertisements
  • anything that can be construed as a weapon

Discretion should be used in deciding what possessions should be brought to school.

Suggested Clothing to Bring
Tabor Academy requires a neat and clean appearance at all times as well as more professional dress as students determine is appropriate and during certain academic days. (Please see our newly adapted Expectations for Academic Dress). Informal dress after the academic day, on weekends, and at other free times is expected to be neat, clean, and tasteful while allowing for comfort and individuality.

School Day Dress Casual Dress
Dresses, skirts, dress pants/chinos  Jeans, athletic pants
Ties, scarfs, belts Athletic clothing & shoes
Blazers, jackets, sports coats T-Shirts and Sweatshirts
Blouses, collared dress shirts Nightwear: PJ's, robe, slippers
Dress shoes, boots, sandals  
Boat & water shoes, etc. (optional)  
Winter coat and boots  
Rain Gear  
Hat, gloves, heavy socks  

Contact Info

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If English is not your first language, we can help: Please call 508.291.8300 or email us.

Mailing Address: 66 Spring St. Marion, MA 02738
Physical Address: 226 Front St. Marion, MA 02738


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