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Back to School Guide


Back to School Guide

Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year
This guide is provided to help you ease into Life at Tabor as new students and families. The menu links will share suggestions and information, as well as tasks that require your attention. We hope it is helpful.

We are excited to welcome our first wave of students back to Tabor on August 28! To reduce the density of students and families on campus each of our arrival days, we have set four days in August for student returns, bringing our day students back first for testing and screening. More details will follow regarding the orientation schedule, arrival times for both day and boarding students, and plans for families while here on campus.
  • week of Aug 24: Students outside of MA and the 7 lower-risk states (RI is no longer a lower-risk state) may arrive to campus
  • August 28: Day students arrive to campus for testing
  • August 29: All 9th graders and Boarding proctors arrive
  • August 30: New 10th and 11th graders, All 12th graders arrive
  • August 31: Returning 10th and 11th graders arrive
  • September 1: Orientation program continues (specific schedule TBD)
  • September 2: Classes begin (new date due to 24hr testing turnaround for results)
Students outside of MA and the 7 lower-risk states may arrive to campus beginning the week of August 24 to quarantine. Please visit our Fall Reopening Plan webpage to stay up to date. 
In addition, we have altered our calendar to allow for the above stated student arrivals, to limit travel between Thanksgiving and December winter breaks, and to maximize our time on campus should we be required to close campus due to an outbreak. Below are the major calendar dates in place at this time and with the current information we have:
  • August 28: First wave of students arrive. We require that all students will begin a quarantine period 14 days prior to their scheduled return date. We prefer that students quarantine in the state of Massachusetts where possible. However, if this is not possible, we expect that students adhere to quarantine guidelines at their homes just before returning to Tabor. Upon arrival, we will be screening students and expect full transparency regarding illness, exposure and recent travel. Any student that is sick or has had an exposure to someone with COVID-19 within the last 14 days should not return to campus at this time.
  • November 20: Thanksgiving break begins after a student’s final commitment. Thanksgiving break will take place November 21-30. 
  • December 1:  Trimester 2 classes begin in Online Distance Learning mode
  • December 18: Winter Break begins
  • week of January 5: Students return to campus (scheduled arrivals TBD)
  • January 11: Trimester 2 classes resume in person
  • March Break: Dates have not yet been determined
  • June 3: Prize Day, Baccalaureate
  • June 4: Commencement
In the meantime:

Parents: Please be sure to check The Compass, our e-newsletter, for up to date reminders, news, and events. This is the main communication vehicle for parents. Typically it is sent every other Tuesday via email over the summer; starting in August is sent every Tuesday. If you miss an issue, an  archive of The Compass can be found on the Communications Tile on the Resources page when you log in to our website.

Students: If you haven't yet, please set up and monitor your Tabor email and tech accounts for announcements from your class dean, advisor, or teachers about important events and school news. This is our main way to reach you! Your parents can look up details to get you connected when they log on and navigate to the "Using myTA" resource board on our website.

We look forward to staying in touch and seeing you soon!
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If English is not your first language, we can help: Please call 508.291.8300 or email us.

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