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Managing Money on Campus

TaborBucks helps students manage campus financial transactions with ease. The student prox cards, which allow access to buildings on campus, also have the option of being a debit card. The TaborBucks card can be used for campus purchases at the Beebe Grill, the Tabor Shop, and more. Students or parents may easily load the card with a preferred credit card on the TaborBucks website.

Once your card is issued, students and parents can track expenses, keep track of the balance, and manage deposits on the TaborBucks website; monthly transfers or deposits based on minimum balances can also be set up online.

To use the website, you must have an issued card and know your student ID number, found on the Student Contact Card in myTA. With the student ID in hand, you can easily set up your account and deposit funds. We will be on hand on Registration Day to assist if you prefer to wait. Remember, new students cannot activate their account online until their debit card has been issued. You can find access to the TaborBucks website within the Student Life Resource Tile when logged into myTA.
For assistance, CardSmith, the vendor for this service, provides a call center help desk at 888.952.4803 (8 am to 6 pm EST), email support, and a website, each branded as TaborBucks. The CardSmith team has a good reputation for professionalism and can help with any questions you may have.


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