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Summer Assignments

Summer Assignments

After you are clear on your courses for the fall, summer assignments can be found by logging into the website and going to the Resource tile called Academics and navigating to the heading "Summer Assignments." (Final courses will be emailed to new students in early August.)  There are always summer reading assignments for all English classes, as well as problem sets or readings for most honors and Advanced Topics courses. If a class is not posted in summer assignments, you are off the hook beyond the English and All School readings! 

Some students like to complete their summer work in one burst towards the end of the summer. Some like to start early, and others like to spread it out. There is no right way to finish the summer assignments. However, we always recommend that a student take some time to familiarize themselves with the expectations of their summer work early on so that – however they choose to attack it – they leave themselves the necessary time to complete it. Assignments are due the first day of class unless otherwise noted.

For assistance, please contact Nicole Wojcik in the Dean of Studies office with any questions you may have at 508.291.8338.


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