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Ordering Textbooks

Ordering Textbooks

Place your Text Book Orders between July 20 and August 17 to ensure delivery:  
the store will not be live until July 20.

Please note:  Free shipping for orders over $99 from August 3 - 16

To get started, you may use this link or login to our website and navigate to the Resources Tab and click on the tile called Academics to reach our optional vendor for online textbook sales: BNC K-12/MBS Direct. This vendor provides a list of all required textbooks and ISBN numbers. While you do not have to purchase from this vendor, MBS Direct will deliver your books in one convenient package to Tabor ready for your arrival at registration. If you order from a different vendor, please be careful to secure the appropriate texts, utilizing the ISBN number from the
BNC K-12/MBS Direct site.

    Please Note:
  • Best to keep your receipts should there be schedule changes and you need to initiate a return. (See Return Policy.)
  • The Online Bookstore link is available on our Academic Resource Board year-round should you need additional books for semester classes or if a switch in classes is required from one level to another.
  • Shipping policy: If you have purchased print books, your order will ship when ALL components are in stock. This will be no later than five business days prior to the first day of school to ensure delivery in time for the beginning of classes.
  • If your course is not listed on BNC K-12/MBS Direct, there are no books required for that course.
For assistance, please contact Nicole Wojcik in the Dean of Studies Office at 508.291.8338.

Mailing address:  Tabor Academy, ATTN:  Student:  Student Name, 66 Spring Street, Marion, MA 02738. Our main school phone number is 508.748.2000.



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