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Connect to Tabor Technology Resources

Get Connected!

New student accounts for the myTA student web portal, Tabor Office 365 (Tabor email) and Tabor Google are now available to set up. An email was sent to all families of new students on June 1 with detailed instructions and videos to explain how new students can set up their login credentials and get connected to all our community resources.

As email is our primary means of communication, it is expected that new students will manage these steps promptly and check their Tabor email regularly throughout the summer for announcements and instructions as we approach the opening of school in September.

Additionally, all students have at least one school form due by July 15. School forms are accessed through the myTA student web portal. After logging in, look for a yellow banner at the top of the screen indicating that you have a form to complete. Summer reading assignments are also available through myTA, on the Resources tab, under Academics.
For assistance with student Tabor accounts, please contact our Database Manager, Jeanne Townsend at 508-291-8575.

The email from Tabor Technology outlined three steps for connecting to Tabor's Online Resouces. 

Step 1: Create a unique Tabor password and memorize it (used for email, web portal, and TA Google account)

Step 2:  Log in to your Tabor email account with your password and set up your Google preferences

Step 3: Log in to the "myTA" student web portal with your password and set up your preferences


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