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Complete Required Health & School Forms by 7/15

Required Health & School Forms

Your username and password is the same one you used to complete your enrollment contract.

A)  Health Forms (Due July 15): Login to myTA on the website and navigate to the Resources Tab. Click on the tile called Health Center & Forms, once there, along the top highlighted in blue, click on the link Health Forms. Magnus Health LLC is our vendor for processing all health-related forms. This vendor will let you know when all your forms are complete and will email you reminders until the forms are complete. Estimated time per new child: 30 minutes (less for returning families updating forms). These forms should be kept updated throughout the year with any changes.

Please Note:
  • These forms are required for participation in any school activity including Orientation at Sea and pre-season athletics.
For assistance with Health Forms, please contact Catherine Fiset at the Health Center at 508.291.8306 or email Julie Przybyszewski. You can also call our vendor, Magnus at 877.461.6831 9 am to 5 pm EST or visit their support site at You may also email them at

B)  School Forms (Due July 15):
   Estimated time per child: 15 minutes 

NOTE: Unlike our Enrollment Agreements, these forms may be completed with just one parent signature
  • Login to myTA on the Tabor website. (Students also have one form and should log on to complete it)
  • Click on your name in the red banner at the top of the page, and select Files & Forms. This will take you to a page that lists the school forms required for your student(s).
  • Click the “Review” button to begin a form. You may exit the form at any time and the system will save your entries. When you return, the “Review” button will now show as “Continue”.
  • Once you have completed a form, click the “Submit” button at the end of the form. The Files & Forms page will now show that form as Completed.
  • The system will also display a yellow banner along the top of each page stating how many forms you have left to review until all of your school forms are complete. (The Health Forms mentioned above may also be accessed in this area through a confirmation of completion form.)
  • When you no longer see the yellow banner when you login, you will have finished these school forms.
For assistance with School Forms, or to request the ability to re-submit a form, please contact Julie Crosby at 508.538.4717. The helpline will allow you to leave a message and get a prompt call back to answer your questions, including nights and weekends, within 24 hours.
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If English is not your first language, we can help: Please call 508.291.8300 or email us.

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