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Parents' Association

Learn about our Parents' Association from Sally Earley, Chair

From the first day of School in September, the welcoming partnership with parents within the Tabor community is apparent. The opportunity to volunteer as a member of the Parent Association, of which we all belong, provides experiences on and off campus and provides a pathway to further champion our children's education. 

By getting involved in a number of ways, together we help to support this extraordinary school and our own Tabor experience takes shape. With many volunteer and event opportunities planned throughout the school year, I invite and encourage you to be a part of this wonderful, vibrant community.  The joyous growth and well-rounded education I am witnessing in my children are a significant part of our family's life. I look forward to sharing the journey with you!
Every parent is automatically a member of the Association, as our goal is to form an inclusive group of all Tabor parents who wish to help the school in all sorts of ways, fostering the connection between student, parent, and school. There are so many ways to participate: from ad hoc participation as schedules allow, to committing to support the Fund for Tabor, there are events to plan and participate in each month. 
The Parents’ Association kicks off the year with a meeting in September. Events are announced throughout the year in the weekly parent e-newsletter, The Compass, with links for online sign-up. For many of the events an effort is made to include parents from afar through provision of items needed for events, or making phone calls such as those made to welcome and support new families. 

The experience of volunteering at Tabor is incredibly rewarding. In addition to having a window into your student’s world, you connect and become a part of the Tabor community. Our parent volunteers have been a great resource for ideas, feedback, and just overall hard work on behalf of the school. Whatever level of involvement interests you, we hope you’ll join us! 

    • Sally Earley, Chair of Tabor’s Parent Association (Lilly ’20, Sophie ’22)

      Sally Earley, Chair of Tabor’s Parent Association (Lilly ’20, Sophie ’22)


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