Senior Projects 2018

Senior Projects

Senior Projects allow seniors in good academic standing to drop classes in the last seven weeks as necessary in order to pursue a project of their own creation. Projects typically include original art and music, all manner of building projects from boats to motorcycles, and internships in business, government and non-profit organizations from architectural firms and catering kitchens to hospitals. The Senior Projects Committee approves the projects after a rigorous application process. In the last week of the academic year, the entire Tabor community attends Senior Project presentations, a capstone event that allows the seniors to show all they have learned during the project period. Please explore below to see a sampling of Senior Projects from members of the Class of 2018. 
"I figured out I have nothing to lose by starting, but everything to gain by making mistakes, messing up, and having to restart." -Alexa Smith '18

A Sampling of Projects

Hana Liu

Hana Lui created a dystopian cityscape of a street in Taiwan's capital city, her hometown of Taipei. Imagining what a familiar streetscape would look like today if Japan had won WWII and continued their colonization of Taiwan, Hana designed new buildings comparing the street today to her imagined street. Students using virtual reality headsets, enjoyed her designs in full 3D scale!

Maddy Kistler

Maddy Kistler created a museum about museums in the Black Box theater! Combining her love of set design, the Maker Lab, lighting and research, Maddy set out to try her hand at what she hopes to pursue in college: exhibition design. She shared the history of museums and their move from static displays to more interactive displays through her project. She used the laser cutter to make all her signage as well as her exhibits. She sewed a giant fish to allow guests to learn about its anatomy, as well as programmed a virtual sandbox that simulated how changing topographical contours in the sand would affect how water would flow through the landscape as one molded the sand!

Piper Cole

Piper Cole did a research project on the effects of ocean acidification on oysters. Measuring the density of their shells over several different pH conditions created by adding different levels of CO2 to the tanks she kept them in, she was able to notice shell degradation in the more acidic conditions. Piper overcame many challenges in this project such as difficulty with maintaining the calibration of the pH measurement tool, keeping the oysters alive in captivity, and how to best introduce the CO2 to their environment. As she met each challenge, she was able to perfect her procedure and hopes the experiment can continue next year.

Charlie Widing

Charlie Widing dissected 30 common game fish caught in our area in an effort to determine the levels of microplastics ingested by the fish. Unfortunately, he found 29% of our local fish were contaminated, and all four of his trawling expeditions in Sippican Harbor uncovered the plastics. The danger is that plastics absorb chemicals that then get into the tissue of the fish we eat. Charlie's project began as an independent study in the fall. He began with a review of the literature, then perfected his procedure and secured the fish, then began collecting his data and writing a research paper for submission to a scientific journal.

Tenzin Chodak

Tenzin Chodak studied philosophy during his project. He took an online class in hopes of better understanding how to interact and communicate with people with different perspectives. To illustrate his learning and share it with others, he created a video of two of the philosophies he learned about. Creating the video, a new activity for Tenzin, was both challenging and rewarding. 

Abby Loftus

Abby Loftus enjoyed replicating the Humans of New York project with her own Humans of Marion. She created an instagram feed and went about town, and around Tabor, interviewing people we might not usually get to know beyond a quick hello. She interviewed owners of local businesses frequented by Tabor students as well as staff members at Tabor who work more "behind the scenes." A typically shy person, she enjoyed the challenge and gained confidence as she engaged more deeply with people, learning and sharing their stories. View Humans Of Marion on Instagram here.


List of 9 items.

  • 1st Grade Teacher's Aid

    Samantha Figueroa
    I spent the last eight weeks working alongside a first-grade teacher in hopes of achieving my goal of learning the ins and outs of the classroom.
  • Ancient Greek Philosophy Film Interpretation

    Tenzin Chodak
    I took a college course on Ancient Greek Philosophy and interpreted and explained one through a short film. 
  • Camera Obscura Rooms

    Maggie Finley 
    I have spent the past eight weeks transforming different rooms on and off campus into a giant camera that you can walk into.
  • Comfort Foods of Tabor

    Harding Daniel
    During my senior project, I reached out to Tabor students with international heritage and asked them for recipes of their favorite comfort foods from when they were kids and then prepared those dishes.
  • Creating a Dystopian Cityscape

    Hana Liu
    History junkie + art geek=greatest synthesis project. Taiwan, my home, was colonized by Japan up until WWII. For my project, I decided to figure out what Taiwan would look like if it was still under Japanese colonization in 2018.
  • Exhibition Design

    Maddy Kistler
    I studied the many factors that affect the museum industry and integrated my research into making a museum on campus centered around the museum history. In order to make my exhibits, I learned about sewing, fusion 360, Inkscape, fabrication, and more.
  • Fundamentals of Good Cooking

    Brian Lee
    I've always loved and stayed curious about cooking.  I took the spring to educate myself on the foundations of what good cooking involves, and experimented by preparing meals from different cultures.
  • Golf Cart Remodel

    Brett Needham 
    I modified and rebuilt a 1988 Yamaha golf cart to become an off-road capable vehicle.
  • Humans of Marion

    Abby Loftus
    I designed my senior project to learn and share the stories of people who work in the community to show that people are more than just their job.

List of 9 items.

  • Microplastics Research

    Charlie Widing
    I examined plastic pollution in game fish, as well as in the waters surrounding Tabor Academy. 
  • Ocean Acidification Research

    Piper Cole 
    The goal of my senior project is to develop a greater understanding of what impact the acidification of the ocean will have on filter feeders, like oysters.
  • Podcasting

    Isaiah Bailey & Tristan Mulleavey
    For our senior project, Tristan and I created a biweekly podcast. I focused on the material of the podcast, and attempted to indirectly improve the way in which students interact with each other. While I planned content themes and the pictures we put on Soundcloud, Tristan focussed on how to autotune, use Garageband, and advertise on the side.
  • Restoring a Truck

    Alex Grazioso
    My senior project involved beginning the process of restoring a 1996 Ford F350 from body work to mechanical work on the brake system.
  • School Rebrand

    Jay Simpson 
    My senior project involved researching and making new logos for Tabor, both from scratch and also renovated versions of the old ones that are now in place.
  • Social Issues Through Art

    Alexa Smith 
    I created four art pieces in different mediums each representing a different social issue prevalent in four regions throughout the world.
  • Sports Podcasting

    Michael Collins 
    I spent the past eight weeks building a blog that I eventually added articles and podcasts to on a weekly basis. I learned how to create a website, and once completed, I posted sports related content.
  • The Self-Balancing Robot

    Glenn Leung 
    Don't you hate getting pushed around? Me too. So, I decided to build a self-balancing robot that won't tip over... even if I push it!
  • Writing Short Stories

    Lydia Mead 
    I wrote short stories in the stream-of-consciousness style that harness the ideas and energy of the 1960’s American counterculture, and incorporate the mythology of the American West.


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