School by the Sea

School by the Sea

Chart Your Course. Adjust Your Sails. Prepare for Adventure.

At Tabor Academy, “School by the Sea” is more than just a catchphrase. Our location allows Tabor students to be educated not only near the sea, but also by the broad and powerful lessons our ocean home has to offer.

From the experiential learning our marine and nautical science electives offer; to the unique leadership lessons learned aboard the SSV Tabor Boy; to the academic, service and citizenship possibilities along with excellent sports and recreation options; Tabor is perfectly situated as a place of personal and transformative learning. 
It is exciting to consider the expanse of academic, service, and citizenship possibilities the bounty of our ocean home provides.

Marine Science

Our location and marine science facilities are unrivaled at the secondary school and most collegiate levels. Tabor's core science curriculum is enhanced with seven courses devoted to the study and care of the ocean. Students explore the interdisciplinary study between chemistry, physics, and biodiversity through class labs and projects, often collaborating with engineering, and the Tabor MakerLab, as well as local and national scientists.

Nautical Science

Designated as a Naval Honor School in 1941, Tabor’s nautical science electives allow students to test their knowledge and apply their skills in real-life situations -- and earn a Naval Honor certificate upon graduation. As one of just two Naval Honor Schools in the country, we have the privilege to make direct appointments to each of our nation's service academies.

SSV Tabor Boy

Part sail training vessel, part classroom, and part research vessel, the 92-foot, gaff-rigged, two-masted schooner SSV Tabor Boy is a unique educational asset at Tabor Academy. Manned by our Captain and student crew, Tabor Boy provides powerful leadership lessons as students take real responsibility for the safety of the crew, passengers, and the vessel. 

R.E.E.F. (Research & Environmental Education Focus) 

Every other winter, Tabor students travel to the Virgin Islands to conduct applied research with several government agencies on a long-term study of coral reef ecology, using the SSV Tabor Boy as home base and a floating laboratory. In 2019, as Tabor Boy enjoys a winter refit of its deckhouse, students will travel to the Gerace Research Centre in San Salvador, Bahamas, to continue our coral reef research, and learn about their success in repopulating decimated reefs.

Oyster Farm

Students gain hands-on fieldwork in the growing aquaculture industry while supporting the Town of Marion’s shellfish propagation program by raising oysters from seed to replenish shellfish beds and provide environmental benefits to Sippican Harbor.

Sailing and Crew

Our crew teams escape the indoor rowing tank to take advantage of the spring morning calm for practice, while our sailors count on the consistent afternoon sea breeze that makes Buzzards Bay some of the best sailing water on the East Coast. Our accessibility, steps from the shore, allows athletes more time on the water.

Reflection and Recreation

All our students enjoy our ocean home for quiet reflection, active recreation, and for its incredible natural beauty. Watching the sunrise over Sippican Harbor is a "bucket list" item for most of our seniors; while all students can relax on the waterfront while playing volleyball, frisbee, or taking a swim.





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