Showcasing Arts, Athletics & Innovation

On January 19, Tabor admissions will host our annual winter open house that has typically focused on Arts and Athletics. This year, we are adding innovation to the list of programs. This will be a great way to start the New Year, and to provide an opportunity for prospective families to continue learning about Tabor.
Tabor is well known for our strong programs in arts, music, and athletics, but we hoped to shine a spotlight on another area of our program that we are less publicly known for, our burgeoning Maker’s Lab. Over the last few years, our courses in engineering and computer science have made the Maker Lab a hub of activity and innovation, and one of our most popular offerings.
Students in our engineering classes have collaborated with our Marine Science faculty to build equipment used in our research of Sippican Harbor. A “seabot” (our school by the sea ROV) was created two years ago through a Lemelson/MIT grant, and each year is refined to improve upon its original design, adding new probes as needed. In addition, students are making an electronic drift buoy that can be released into the ocean, track currents and other conditions, and transmit the data back to marine scientists at Tabor.
Beyond the Maker Lab, prospective students are invited to meet coaches, watch a rehearsal of our winter musical, Heathers: The Musical, and/or create an art project with our arts faculty in the Braitmayer Arts Center. After, we hope everyone will stay on to cheer on the Seawolves during their afternoon athletic contests starting between 2:00 and 4:00 PM. Girls’ squash and hockey, wrestling (co-ed), and boys’ hockey and basketball are home.
Learning about the programs and the people who will be part of a student’s experience outside the classroom is an essential component of the secondary school search process. Often, students are able to maximize their success and experience within the classroom when their experience in all other aspects of their life on campus is happy and filled with robust opportunities and strong mentorship and friendship. This is why this event is so important to our school, and why we look forward to it every year.
All in all, we are looking forward to an active and creative day, full of bold ideas, camaraderie and fun. Come join us on January 19 in the Stroud Academic Center, 242 Front Street. Registration begins at 12:00 PM. Come see what piques your interest in Tabor.

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Campus Events

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  • Community Weekend

  • Saturday School Day with Dennis Febo

    On our first Saturday School Day of the new year, we will enjoy working with Dennis Febo, a guest speaker who will help us raise social consciousness through his talk and various small group activities following. 

    Audiences describe Dennis Febo as 'Genuine,' 'Engaging,' and 'Extraordinary.'  "He delivered a powerful message in a very humble manner, and I think that was what I appreciated most," said a student who attended one of his workshops.
    A native of Brooklyn, NY, Febo was raised in many different parts of the United States and Puerto Rico. Through experiences with the disparities of poverty, racism, and prejudice, Febo had an early goal to help people reach their true potential through education on social consciousness and culture.
    Beginning in high school, Febo targeted youth in disadvantaged communities through art, music, and entertainment. Knowing youth internalize messages provided through the arts, he hoped to explore the social conditions in which students are a part, and how they could overcome them through unity and work.
    Continuing this work in college through Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity, and after as he earned a Masters of Arts in Humanities at the University of Buffalo, Febo found that his speaking abilities were able to draw the attention of many, allowing him to organize on larger social levels as he discussed topics including race, ethnicity, the mind, identity, and social consciousness. Today, he does this work through his consulting group Guazabara Insights. http://www.guazabarainsights.com/
    We look forward to spending a morning with Dennis Febo and learning from his insights! 
    To learn more about Dennis Febo listen to his TedTalk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6pzVOaPib0


  • Arts, Athletics, and Innovation Showcase

    Meet and greet with athletic coaches and extra-curricular program directors, observe open MakerLab, wander through creative studios in Braitmayer Arts Center, catch a sneak peek of the winter musical rehearsal, Heathers, and be a Superfan for our afternoon athletic contests. See which Tabor activities may pique your interest!

    Registration                       Noon to 12:30 PM in Stroud Academic Center Lobby
    Co-Curricular Fair             Noon - 1:15 PM
    Meet with coaches of all sports
    Meet with other after-school club and activity sponsors
    Programs in Action         12:30 - 1:45 PM
    Observe Winter Musical rehearsal in Hoyt Hall
    Participate in a MakerLab activity
    Take part in creating art in the Braitmayer
    Be a Seawolf Superfan and watch games all afternoon!
    2:00: Girls' JV and Varsity Squash
    2:00: Co-ed Wrestling
    2:00: Boys' Varsity Hockey
    2:30: Boys' JV and Varsity Basketball
    4:00: Girls' Varsity Hockey
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Upcoming Alumni & Community Events

List of 3 events.

  • Alumni Basketball Games

    Join us for the Alumni Game on Saturday, January 26th.  Spread the word and gather your teammates. We are hoping to have a big gang come back!  Come early to change and warm up!
    11:30 am             Alumni Game (Men)
    1:30pm                Tabor Girls' Varsity and JV Basketball Games vs. Lawrence Academy
    3:00pm                Tabor Boys' Varsity and JV Basketball Games vs. Groton
    5:00pm                Reception for all after the boys' game in the Great Room at 188 Front Street 
  • Women's Alumnae Hockey Game

    Ladies, lace up your skates and get back on the Tabor ice!!
    And...bring your cherring section!

    Game starts at starts at 1p.m., with lunch following!
  • Fort Lauderdale Reception

    Join John Quirk, Head of School, at an evening reception at the
    Lauderdale Yacht Club
    1725 SE12th Street
    Fort Lauderdale, FL

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