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Tabor Academy’s international exchange programs originate from the school’s early history. Fourteen years after the school’s founding in 1876, a group of students sailed from Tokyo, Japan, to enroll as full-time boarding students at Tabor. In 1927, Headmaster Walter Lillard joined fifteen other American prep school heads to create an International School Association linking secondary schools in Britain, France, and Germany, the first such association of its kind. His vision in the 1930s showed that schools could succeed in building friendships and working together across cultures at a time when that concept was in question. In the aftermath of World War II, Tabor welcomed its first postwar student from Japan in 1950, and from the 1960s on, each graduating class has included students from around the world.

Today, we are 18% international and offer multiple opportunities for all our students to experience the world through study and service.

Exchange & Scholarship Programs

Exchange and scholarship programs are the capstone of the international program at Tabor. It is our express intention to have each of our students experience the world through another set of eyes whether here at Tabor or though one of our many options to study or serve abroad. 

International Scholar Programs at Tabor:
  • Thai Scholars: fully sponsored by the Kingdom of Thailand to attend prep schools and colleges in the United States and Canada. Tabor has welcomed one or two Thai Scholars nearly every year since the early 1960s.
  • Crown Prince Scholars: fully sponsored by the Crown Prince of Bahrain to attend prep schools and colleges in the United States and United Kingdom. Tabor has welcomed a Bahraini Scholar each year since 2003.
  • Takatuf Scholars: fully sponsored by the Sultanate of Oman to attend prep schools and colleges in the United States and United Kingdom. Tabor welcomed its first Takatuf Scholar in September 2014.
Named Scholarships for Immersion Study

  • Two Tabor Scholarship Program for immersion study: the Shattuck Travel Grant is a competitve award to assist a student with summer language or cultural study, and the Idemitsu Scholarship supports study in CIEE’s Japanese language and culture immersion program in Tokyo.   
More Opportunities for Tabor Students to Study Abroad:

Tabor works with school partners in other countries to arrange student and faculty exchanges that enrich our communities. While there is support from Tabor, these experiences come with additional cost beyond tuition.
  • Exchanges: RYSENSTEEN GYMNASIUM in Copenhagan, Denmark, and RDFZ XISHAN SCHOOL in Beijing, China. Our schools exchange students and faculty each year for one-week home stays, class visits, and cultural immersion each year. There is also an opportunity for a trimester long exchange at RDFZ.
  • Culture and Language Immersion: French culture and language experience for one week in Rennes, France, in June, and winter long weekend trip to Quebec City.
  • Drama Exchange with Ellesmere College, UK: Tabor’s longest-established exchange, we alternate years sending thesbians to each other’s schools to share a performance and home stay opportunities. 
  • School Year Abroad: an independent organization which welcomes Tabor students to spend a semester or year at one of the SYA campuses in Beijing, China, Italy, or Spain.
  • The Island School: a semester program in the Bahamas with a focus in marine science has become another popular study abroad location for our students.
Global Service Trips:

  • Global service trips annually sends roughly 30 students overseas for service programs to learn from and contribute to communities far from our campus. Thirty-seven students and faculty traveled to Thailand in June 2018 to build houses, take care of elephants at a rehab center, and interact the local Lahu tribe. These annual trips, typically over summer break, provide a service experience in a global setting that reaches across different languages, cultures, and backgrounds.
  • Tabor's Research Environmental Education Focus (R.E.E.F.) Program: every other year, students participate in a unique trip and adventure onboard the school's schooner Tabor Boy for one-week sessions as the students conduct coral reef research in the British and American Virgin Islands. We are just beginning a new land-based option at Gerace Research Centre in the Bahamas in 2019.


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