Winter Teams

There is one spot in the Fish Center for Health and Athletics where you can stand on a Saturday afternoon and actually see two basketball games being played in the field house, a squash match to your right and a hockey game to your left. If you listen carefully you can also hear the foot stomping from the wrestling room as a TA wrestler nears a pin. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful facility to support our winter teams, and even luckier to have a packed rink, gym, or wrestling room full of screaming fans.

In addition to our interscholastic programs in the winter, the arts come center stage for many of our students. Over sixty students get involved in our winter musical. From the leads to the chorus, the techies, or the creative set crew, all are essential parts of these super productions. For those who prefer not to sing and dance while they are on stage, the winter drama provides an outlet for many other passionate thespians.

Select a Team

Winter Offerings

Team Individual
Basketball Applied Music
Drama Art
Hockey Athletic Liaison
Model U.N. Ceramics
Musical Community Service
Robotics Photography
Squash Winter Sessions
Wrestling Yearbook

After-School Requirement

Every student must pursue a Tabor after school activity all three seasons. Two of the three seasons, including freshman fall, must be a Tabor Team Offering.


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