Visual Arts


Photography, like any visual art, is about learning to see. The photography courses offered at Tabor emphasize this while teaching the mechanics of capturing images with a camera. The beginning course introduces students to the camera and the darkroom and the creative use of their controls. The more advanced courses refine the technical and expand the abstract. Trial and error and critique are important teaching tools on the road to becoming an excellent photographer.

Student photography is on permanent display throughout the school, and is featured on almost every page of this website, and in every issue of our school magazine, Tabor Today. An after school co-curricular program exists for interested photographers called PhotoPool. Participants are assigned projects just like a photojournalist, and learn to plan, arrange, and secure the shots the school may require for various promotional needs. This program encourages high standards of achievement and responsibility, and allows students some level of insight into the work of professional photographer. Many students will go on to do an independent project in photography their senior year after their time on PhotoPool.
Much of the photography on this website, our promotional materials, in the school magazine, and adorning our campus is provided by Tabor students through our after-school photography program.


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