Visual Arts

Digital Arts

Regardless of whether or not a student plans to pursue college-level education in the world of graphic arts, Tabor Academy recognizes the value of students being introduced to essential software packages and developing a level of self-confidence with computer graphics technologies.

The digital arts program at Tabor offers students an immersive experience for learning and honing new skills. We offer introductory and advanced level graphic design courses in the Adobe Creative  Suite: Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. 

The digital arts classroom, located in the Hayden Library, is equipped with fourteen Apple computers and Wacom pen tablets for professional-level interactivity. The classroom is modeled after a professional design studio, with each student working at his or her own computer workstation on photo imagery, layout, and illustrations. 
The lab also serves as the site for Tabor's yearbook office. The student staff designs and produces the book from scratch, utilizing student photography and incorporating professional–level challenges in page layout, production, and PDF output. Once finished, the staff is on-press to watch the book be printed. 

In addition to the yearbook, the digital arts students produce posters for theater, music, and other school programs, signage that hangs throughout the campus promoting special events to our community, the press and on our social media networks.
The rapidly evolving world of "new media" and revolutionary handheld technologies all offer today's students a wealth of opportunities for exploring graphic design software packages to produce digital imagery, layouts and interactive presentations.


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