Reunion: June 7-9, 2019
We are welcoming all 4s and 9s back to campus for their reunion here at our School by the Sea in June. Check out the 2018 schedule of events, and check back in March to register.  In the meantime, visit your class page and add your name to the list of those planning to make it back in June.

We can't wait to see you!

Become a Reunion Committee Member

If you would like to volunteer with the reunion efforts as a reunion committee member and learn more about the role, contact Liz Cheney, Reunion Volunteer Coordinator, 508-291-8580 or visit the Reunion Committees page to learn how you can volunteer with your class!

Reunion Giving

Thinking about giving to Tabor? Reunions are a wonderful time to consider making your contribution. Please visit our Reunion Giving page to see how your legacy can impact Tabor’s future.

Reunion Schedule

Wondering what goes on at Reunion? View the 2018 schedule here!
(Pictures and Video from Reunion 2018 are available here.)

Reunion 2018 Photos

Reunion 2018 Video Recap


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