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Information for Juniors Regarding Test Prepartion

Tabor’s partnership with Method Test Prep allows us to offer a self-paced standardized test preparation program that students can use at times that work for them, accommodating their busy schedules.  Method is a nationally-recognized leader in the industry and offers a self-paced, online program accessible to students on any internet-connected computer, tablet, or phone.  A time-tested proven tool for student success, the self-paced program provides an easy-to-follow checklist that will build student confidence and competence on the material covered by the ACT and SAT.  
The self-paced program features the following:
  • thousands of practice questions (each of which has a detailed explanation of the right answer)
  • four full-length practice tests
  • a unique vocabulary builder tool
  • numerous downloadable documents, study guides, and instructional videos.  
  • detailed diagnostic assessments which will allow your child’s college counselor to help him or her determine a focus on the ACT or the SAT as they move forward with test preparation
  • 24/7 year-round access to the self-paced online program
There is no cost to participate. Test preparation is included as part of a Tabor education.  Juniors are required to complete the diagnostic assessment before the first meeting with their college counselor in mid-to-late November.  The information gleaned from the diagnostic assessment allows each student’s college counselor to provide the very best advice in the most thoughtful and timely manner.  

SAT & ACT at Tabor Test Dates 2018-19

Tabor is an ACT and SAT test site. We are hosting the following tests during the 2018-2019 school year and encourage Tabor students to test on-site. We do not arrange transportation to other test sites.

  • SAT -- August 25; registration deadline is July 27
  • SAT -- October 6; registration deadline is September 7
  • SAT -- November 3; registration deadline is October 5
  • SAT -- December 1; registration deadline is November 2
  • SAT -- May 4; registration deadline is April 5
  • SAT -- June 1; registration deadline is May 3
  • ACT -- September 8; registration deadline is August 10
  • ACT -- December 8; registration deadline is November 2
  • ACT -- April 13; registration deadline is March 8


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