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Tidal Arm Makes a Splash at Tabor

Tidal Arm Makes a Splash at Tabor

Little Instrument, Big Learning: Tabor Academy's Tidal Arm

Tabor Academy's commitment to integrating practical, hands-on experiences into their educational curriculum has taken a significant leap forward with the installation of a new tidal arm on campus. This technological marvel not only enhances the learning experience for students but also contributes to global environmental research.

Unveiling the Tidal Arm

Installed with the enthusiastic support of the facilities team on September 19 and going online in early October, the tidal arm is a cutting-edge instrument that provides real-time data on tides, alongside predictive analytics. This information is vital, not just for academic purposes, but also for emergency preparedness, giving advanced notice to responders to prepare for natural events.

Educational Impact and Data Utilization

The tidal arm offers an immersive learning experience for students in marine and nautical science programs. It allows students to view live data of the tides they study, transforming theoretical knowledge into tangible understanding. The data, accessible online in a clean, graphical format, is also available in raw form for various academic applications—from computer science projects on data presentation to algebra classes exploring means and medians of tidal ranges.

Collaboration and Real-Time Science

Hohonu technology was created at the University of Hawai’i Research Lab and is now helping communities across 15 states and 100 locations to make environmental water data more accessible. In partnership with Hohonu, which leases and manages the equipment, Tabor Academy now has in-perpetuity access to this data, which is vital for ongoing research projects in computer science, climate science, and ocean modeling. "With our core founding team being rooted in education and research, we are thrilled to be collaborating with Tabor Academy to provide students with access to data for projects such as computer science, climate science, and ocean modeling," shares Kevin Mukai, COO of Hohonu.

Contributions to Global Understanding

The installation at Tabor is not just an academic exercise but a step towards contributing to the global understanding of sea-level rise and changes. With the guidance of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) representatives, Tabor's tidal monitor will be calibrated against national benchmarks, joining a network of monitors that inform scientific knowledge on a global scale.

Integration Across Disciplines

The tidal arm's data enriches the curriculum throughout the school, offering applications in mathematics, computer science, and even policy studies. "My angle at Tabor is always bringing the ocean across Front Street and into the broader curriculum," says Virginia Land McGuire, highlighting the initiative's interdisciplinary benefits.

Enhancing Nautical Expeditions

The instrument provides valuable information every sailing day for the Tabor Boy crew as they plan the timing of their exit and return to Sippican Harbor.

Looking Ahead

As Tabor Academy continues to embrace and enhance its identity as the School by the Sea, the tidal arm is a beacon of its commitment to a holistic understanding of the marine environment. It is a crucial step in Tabor's journey—heralding a future where education and environmental stewardship sail hand in hand.