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TaborX Marks the Spot!

The Tabor Experience. TaborX. TX. Replacing the previous Saturday School Day, TX acts as an extension of the academic week. This weekend curriculum programming is an opportunity for students to connect with their peers, learn new skills, and engage in exciting activities both on and off campus.

In March 2022, faculty and staff proposed ideas for the types of offerings TX could provide. Through several brainstorming sessions and rounds of voting, the team came up with 53 programs for students to choose from. Students were placed into their TX group after selecting their preferences. Click here for descriptions of all TaborX programs.

TaborX kicked off past Saturday, September 17. Students fished on the waterfront, cooked Chinese traditional dishes at the Head of School House, visited The Sippican Historical Society and more!

The next TX session will meet on Saturday, October 8, and will be followed by 6 more sessions throughout the year. Continue reading for a student story written in “TX Write and Bite,” and check out the slideshow below for some scenes from the first weekend of TX!

“Two Leaves,” written by Elizabeth “Lizzie” Cochran ’23.

Two leaves alone on a path. They have traveled far. The new fall wind has taken them from their home. Although their journey long, they’ve stuck together, holding each other tight. Intertwined by stems and veins. Their once green bodies have turned pale with fear for what approaches them. Death? Peril? Or maybe a savior? Oh, thank you kind soul for taking us off the path of death. Soon after they were torn apart. Heir stems broke loose, they curled around the edges, unable to bear the path alone. As they plummeted to the ground, time slowed. They twirled in slow motion, thinking of the many times they fluttered around the waterfront or when they shimmied through the newly purchased school shoes. Their lives together were so good… right? Except for the times they fought, or that time one leaf tried to leave the other because she no longer wanted to live near Hoyt. Thinking back, the leaves are happy to be separated. Those inches apart are refreshing. Until those inches feel like miles. Leaf when we will intertwine again.