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Tabor’s Cum Laude Class of 2024

Tabor’s Cum Laude Class of 2024

Tabor Academy celebrates the induction of 28 distinguished students into its chapter of the Cum Laude Society. Honoring their academic excellence and integrity, inductees and their families were invited to a formal ceremony preceding Baccalaureate on May 30, 2024. Per tradition, the inductees will don yellow cords at Commencement to represent their outstanding achievements at Tabor Academy.

The following students have demonstrated exceptional scholarly prowess, maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.9 across a challenging curriculum, while exemplifying exemplary school citizenship and moral character. Congratulations to Tabor’s Cum Laude Class of 2024:

  • Anna Ma Ambarik
  • Chakkrawan Ampornpuet
  • Wenan “Alex” Chen
  • Taegyun “Alex” Cheon
  • Cecelia Mary Clemente
  • Lauren Rose Cohen
  • Grady Edward Daniels
  • Alexander Joseph Fox
  • Wanqing “Effie” Gao
  • Camila Gutierrez Diaz
  • Fiona Barrett Hoben
  • Curtis Joseph Johnson
  • Claire Elizabeth Keswick
  • Anthony Sunbeom Kim
  • Madeline Amelia Koenig
  • Kateryna “Katia” Kolomiichenko
  • Natalie Marie Konowicz
  • Ashley Li
  • Chenlu “Lucy” Li
  • Xiaozheng “Harry” Liu
  • Enqi “Mark” Ma
  • Elizabeth Hope Simmons
  • Vincent George Suh
  • Kentaro “Ken” Suzuki
  • William August Tanzosh
  • Felix Alexander Watt
  • Huiyi “Ariana” Wen
  • Ruilin “Richard” Ye

Photos taken by Tabor’s photographer can be downloaded for free, or purchased as packages and merchandise, here.