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Tabor Announces New Director of Diversity, Equity, and Belonging

Tabor Announces New Director of Diversity, Equity, and Belonging
RoseMarie Wallace

Tabor Academy is pleased to announce the appointment of RoseMarie Wallace as the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Belonging (DEB) beginning April 2023. Wallace brings more than thirty years of management, marketing, education, and global communications experience to the position. Her work with prior independent schools was inspired by her background in corporate, nonprofit, and policy work. Her interest in human relations includes a bachelor’s degree from Western Connecticut State University in psychology along with a certificate in conflict resolution, and a certificate in videography, video editing, and graphic arts from the Institute for Advanced Media. Her experiences, skills, and training make Wallace uniquely qualified to devote her time at Tabor to the evolving field of diversity, equity, and belonging.

“RoseMarie is an accomplished Diversity, Equity, and Belonging practitioner, and we are excited that she will be coming to Tabor and bringing her experience,” shares Head of School Tony Jaccaci. “During the interview process, our community felt very comfortable speaking with her and engaging. When I had the chance to meet with her, I felt like I could have continued the conversations for hours. I believe that she will help us all continue to grow our program here at Tabor in the myriad aspects of the student experience.” 

Wallace has spent the last eight years at the Kent School—first as a photographer and Associate Director of Marketing and Communications, and then as the Associate Director of Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity. 

“Some paths and trajectories carve themselves,” says Wallace. “I started my career in project management working for Weichert Relocation Services, now Weichert Workforce Mobility, a leading global relocation, and assignment management firm. I was responsible for creating employee destination matches and working with employees' individual needs. That work drove my interest in diversity and workplace equity. I learned how to create and foster inclusive destination programming that served global communities.”

Wallace shares that one of the most valuable lessons she has learned is to act as if she loves the things that cause her great discomfort. This started out as a silly challenge between friends, she says, as a way of reframing and embracing adversity as a gift. For Wallace, this turned out to be a life-changing lesson in humility. 

“When you open yourself up to the possibility that you can in some way embrace anything and everything, including the things that cause you pain, then you realize you can make peace when adversity enters your life. When you experience the exhilaration from your own forgiveness you let in an abundance of acceptance and empathy. I am grateful for what has challenged me thus far,” says Wallace.

According to Associate Head of School Tyrone Black, “RoseMarie is more than a competent practitioner in the field of DEB work, she is also a superior leader in the conversation, striving to stretch the minds of this rising generation. She will undoubtedly generate a spirit of accountability amongst the members of the community, challenging us to be more action minded. RoseMarie, while visiting campus, courageously reminded all of us that this work, for which she is being hired to do, cannot rest on one person’s shoulder; the work belongs to all of us.”

Wallace and her family believe strongly in independent school education, and when they enrolled her daughter in her first school, Wallace became involved in CAIS and NAIS/POCC. She worked in programming at her children’s schools as a volunteer, attending conferences with educators and other parents. During this time, Wallace was hired by Good Design, a marketing and design firm that handled predominantly independent school accounts. Wallace worked on branding, marketing trends, and best practices for independent schools. She also worked for The Foreign Policy Association, a non-profit organization associated with Great Decisions, a PBS series that is dedicated to the nonpartisan discussion of U.S. foreign policy and global issues. Each year she participates in the Great Decisions Teacher Training Institute. Great Decisions Teacher Training Institute brings together global experts, educators, and administrators from all over to discuss and share resources on global issues that directly impact their populations and the world. 

With a rich history of client engagement, Wallace is committed to Diversity, Equity, and Belonging work. She says, “This is a path that is constantly evolving in every aspect of our lives and communities. Integrating resources and best practice programming into the Tabor experience is something that is already happening, and I am excited to be a part of continuing the development.”