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News Literacy Week at Tabor

News Literacy Week at Tabor

Empowering the Next Generation of Informed Citizens 

In the age of information overload, discerning the truth from fiction has never been more pivotal. Tabor Academy embraced this challenge head-on during News Literacy Week, an annual initiative dedicated to fostering savvy news consumers and proficient navigators of the media landscape. 

The highlight of the week was an engaging webinar, “Behind the Scenes with the Washington Post TikTok Team,” a session that epitomized the blend of education and entertainment essential for today’s media consumers. Tabor’s library extended an open invitation to students, faculty, and staff, encouraging a campus-wide dialogue on the critical role of news literacy. 

David Jorgenson, the senior video reporter who pioneered the Washington Post's foray into TikTok, shared insights into the evolving landscape of news consumption. Since launching the platform's channel in 2019, Jorgenson has witnessed its demographic expand beyond the initial target of 14-16-year-olds, mirroring the app's burgeoning popularity. He highlighted the challenges and triumphs of condensing complex headlines into accessible content, adaptable across diverse social media platforms. Jorgenson's approach to audience engagement—through relatable content, recurring characters, and inside jokes—has not only built a community but also fortified the readers' trust in the news. 

Carmella Boykin, the engaging TikTok host and producer who joined The Post in 2022, brought her perspective as a former local TV news reporter. Boykin emphasized the effectiveness of platform-native text and shared her go-to content creation questions: "How would I want to find out about a news story? How would I tell it to a friend?" With a technical rundown of her toolkit—including an iPhone shooting at 4k, 30 frames per second with a microphone attachment, and editing on Premiere—Boykin underscored the goal of the account: to pique news awareness and interest. She stressed that credibility on social media hinges on transparency about sources. 

Tabor’s participation in this webinar underscores the School by the Sea’s commitment to providing the community with opportunities to engage with leading organizations and stay abreast of contemporary issues. It's a testament to its dedication to educating not just academically accomplished scholars, but also socially responsible and digitally literate citizens. 

As Tabor continues to navigate through an era where news is instantaneous and ubiquitous, the school continues to empower its students with the literacy to discern, analyze, and appreciate the value of credible news. Through initiatives like News Literacy Week, Tabor is cultivating a well-informed community ready to engage with the world critically and constructively.