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From Center-Mid to Head Coach: Nicole Fernandes '17 Announced as Girls' Soccer Head Coach

From Center-Mid to Head Coach: Nicole Fernandes '17 Announced as Girls' Soccer Head Coach

The storied Tabor Girls’ Soccer program did not have to look far for their new head coach.

“I am thrilled to have Nicole Fernandes ’17 stepping in as head coach for our Girls’ Varsity Soccer team. Having played for Coach Steve Sughrue when she was a Seawolf, Nicole has the culture of Tabor Girls’ Soccer ingrained in her. She has her own vision for the future and the program is in great hands,” announces Kelly Walker, Director of Athletics and Co-Curriculars.

Fernandes has cherished her time with Sughrue saying, “It has been an honor and a privilege to have played under Steve Sughrue and coach beside him. He knows why he coaches—to give student-athletes a sense of belonging and provide them with a meaningful experience; he makes every decision with this in mind.”

Fernandes went on to Williams College, where she rowed crew. After graduation, she spent a year at Brooks School coaching soccer and crew before returning to Tabor in 2022. In addition to coaching at Tabor, Fernandes is a history teacher and dorm parent.

“Playing soccer at Tabor helped me find my voice and gave me the confidence to pursue excellence on and off the field," says Fernandes. 

Playing center-mid, Fernandes was an excellent player and leader at Tabor, captaining the team her senior year while being named All New England Honorable Mention. In her four years playing at Tabor, Girls’ Soccer made the postseason three times and was a member of the undefeated 2013 team that were NEPSAC Class B co-champions. She hopes to continue the success and camaraderie of the program and is excited to coach an amazing group of girls.

“I hope to continue this tradition while instilling a passion to compete for the highest achievements offered to us—ISL and NEPSAC Championships. Most importantly, whether students decide to play Division 1 college soccer or never touch a soccer ball again, I want to instill a greater appreciation for the game of soccer, to inspire players to pursue excellence, and to build their resiliency in the face of challenges, thereby creating confident, young adults in all areas of their life.”

“I’m thrilled that Nicole Fernandes will be taking over as Head Coach of Tabor’s Girls’ Varsity Soccer Team. I feel extremely lucky to have worked with Nicole for six years, and I have the utmost confidence in her abilities as a coach. She has a great knowledge of, and passion for, the game of soccer. She will be a great leader and I’m excited to see where she takes Tabor’s girls’ soccer program through the years ahead,” says Sughrue.