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A Seawolf Strives for Gold: Thad Lettsome Heads to the Olympics

A Seawolf Strives for Gold: Thad Lettsome Heads to the Olympics

By Caroline Calista ’26, Marketing & Communications Intern

Tabor Academy alum, Thad Lettsome ’20, is excited to be the first sailor in 28 years to represent the British Virgin Islands in the 2024 Summer Olympics. Lettsome has been sailing his whole life and joined both Tabor Academy’s and Tulane University’s sailing teams, leaving big shoes—and life jackets—for future young athletes to fill at both schools. In addition to his love for the sport, Lettsome has a remarkable work ethic that is built upon his two core values: balance and perseverance.  

Growing up as a committed athlete who also engaged in rigorous academics—like those at Tabor and Tulane—Thad sometimes found it challenging to complete everything to the best of his ability and learned to make sacrifices in order to achieve success. Lettsome credits Tabor for teaching him how to successfully balance his academics with athletics. Taking the initiative to learn foundational time management skills at a young age is something he recommends to any young student-athlete hoping to pursue athletics at the professional level.  

After competing in the Olympics, Lettsome is planning to attend law school while continuing to balance sailing with his studies. His positive work ethic makes it truly possible for him to “have it all,” as he inspires young athletes to set the same standards for themselves.  

Lettsome has applied long hours of hard work and commitment into the sport of sailing. With the encouragement of his friends, family, and coaches, he built a mindset inspired by the New England Patriots’ motto “Do your job;” he has constantly persevered through challenges that inevitably come alongside serious athletics. Lettsome is extremely grateful for the support he has received from coaches, since his first time in a boat to his Olympic training; without them, he would have had a much harder time reaching his full potential. Lettsome often fondly recalls his time spent sailing at Tabor. Memories of sailing on cold, early spring afternoons admiring the snow tracing the outline of Buzzards Bay, are peaceful and motivating moments that he uses to look back on his career and see how far he’s come since then. 

Lettsome is proud and eager to participate in the 2024 Summer Olympics as a representative of the British Virgin Islands as well as a Tabor Academy Seawolf. Please be sure to tune into the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, France and witness history being made for Thad Lettsome as he strives for gold.