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Recognizing Award-Winning Students

Congratulations to the entire Tabor student body for finishing the academic year strong! Here are the 2021-22 academic and co-curricular award recipients:
Commencement Awards
Outstanding Contribution to Athletics: Cooper Manzi
Outstanding Contribution to Athletics: Cassidy Yeomans
The Matthew William Houlihan Memorial Scholarship: Jayden Smith
The Jonathon A. Smith ’04 Scholarship: Dylan Jones
The Faculty Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Extracurricular Life of the School: Olivia “Liv” Justice
The Joseph Tomlinson Jr. Scholarship: Catherine Terelak
The Travis Roy Humanitarian Award: Piper McKerrow
The Alumni Award for Excellence in Scholarship: Hailey Cohen
The Hamilton Webster Thayer Prize: Emma Lee
The William M. and Natalie C. Atwood Scholarship: Chika Oyigbo
Cum Laude Society Award: Ka Ho “John” Ho
Cum Laude Society: Brooke Ingemi
The Tabor Academy Purchase Prize: My Linh Duong
Chapel Awards
Matt Houlihan Faculty Award: Mary Kate McCain
11th Grade Award for Committed Citizenship: John “Jack” Thompson
11th Grade Award for Excellence in Scholarship: Pengkun “Rayne” Xue
10th Grade Award for Committed Citizenship: Ava Lomberto
10th Grade Award for Excellence in Scholarship: Natalie Konowicz
9th Grade Award for Committed Citizenship: Nicolas Huaco
9th Grade Award for Excellence in Scholarship: Tianna Wang
International Award: Juntian “Justin” Chen
International Award: Zhuoming “Athena” Zhong
Outstanding Contribution to Community Service: Youngbin “Hailey” Kim
Schooner Flag Presentation/Announcement of new XO: Frances Gebhard
Math and Science Department Awards
The Converse Prize: Dung Tri Pham
The Kern Prize: Qitai “Jerry” Wei
The Rensselaer Medal: Zijian “Olly” Yang
The 10th Grade Math Award: Huiyi “Ariana” Wen
The 9th Grade Math Award: Zhiyang “Jimmy” Zhong
The Biology Award: Ning “Jessica” Zhong
The Physical Sciences Award: Vivian Hu
The Tabor Life Sciences Award: Halle Roberts
The Richard Harlow Award: Ellory Gruner
The Bausch and Lomb Medal: Jingfei “Harper” Weng
The Suckert-Tuttle Award: Zijian “Olly” Yang
The Tabor Science Prize: Ka Ho “John” Ho
Charles N. Bozenhard Award: Frances Gebhard
Captain James A. Lewis Award: Sean Francis
Robert Eldridge White Prize: Cecelia Clemente
The Lazy Jack’s Award: Drake Reid
English, History, and Language Department Awards
The Tabor English Prize: Catherine Terelak
The West Family Award: Marissa Wong
The 12th Grade English Award: Charlotte Wright
The 11th Grade English Award: Pengkun ‘Rayne” Xue
The 10th Grade English Award: YuanLin “Ivana” Zhang
The 9th Grade English Award: Jiajia “Jennifer” Guo
The Tabor History Prize: Catherine Terelak
The Economics Award: Anne Murray
The 12th Grade History Award: Brooke Ingemi
The 11th Grade History Award: Ben Jaccaci
The Dexter Prize: Luke Saletta
The 9th Grade History Award: Meredith Cameron
The Villefane Prize: Marin Theis
The Tabor Classics Prize: Jake Feen
The Tabor Chinese Prize: Yeshu Sesenaya
The Tabor French Prize: Emma Lee
The Chinese Award: Kentaro Suzuki
The French Award: Wanqing “Effie” Gao
The Latin Award: Elizabeth “Hope” Simmons
The Introductory Spanish Award: Tianna Wang
The Intermediate Spanish Award: Jirath “Bart” Lojanarungsiri
Arts and Athletics Department Awards
The Tabor Ceramics Award: Maggie Fleming
The Marianne Lawrence Award: Mary Townsend
The Tabor Digital Arts Award: Zhuoming “Athena” Zhong
The Performing Arts Award: Hailey Cohen
The Dance Award: Sarah Bohlman
The Tabor Photography Award: Emeili Fowler
The Tabor Photography Award: Jayden Smith
The Technical Theater Award: Mary Townsend
The Tabor Music Prize: Dylan Jones
The Sippican Choral Society Award: Sarah Diamond
Pandolfi: Vivian Hu
Pandolfi: Leon Stanley
Pandolfi: Henry Yan
12 Season Interscholastic Award: Lily Glance
12 Season Interscholastic Award: Ellory Gruner
12 Season Interscholastic Award: Ali Hoyt
12 Season Interscholastic Award: Ava Jadul
12 Season Interscholastic Award: Cassidy Yeomans
12 Season Interscholastic Award: Chloe Trudel
11th Grade Athletics: Javar Williams
11th Grade Athletics: Juliette Piersol
10th Grade Athletics: Juan Torres Lara
10th Grade Athletics: Sarah Adams
9th Grade Athletics: Garrett Salit
9th Grade Athletics: Ava Black
Cum Laude Society Inductees
Percy George Ackerman
Hailey Isabel Cohen
Jake Francis Feen
Keana Tenae Frey
Frances Teneyck Gebhard
Trin Gerjarusak
Ka Ho "John” Ho
Wataru Hoshi
Jonathan Hui
Brooke Marie Ingemi
Youngbin “Hailey” Kim
Emma Elizabeth Lee
Jingyi “Lily” Liao
Ruier Ma
Meghan Anna MacDonald
Piper Rose McKerrow
Korina Nicole McMillan
Osamu (Peter) Nakahira
Avery Chase Nelson
Dung Tri Pham
Matthew Joseph Quealy
Erin Eileen Sweeney
Mary Traer Townsend
Qitai (Jerry) Wei
Sungchun (Peter) Yuen
Zhuoming (Athena) Zhong
Naval Honors
Andrew Dunn
Elliot Dyroff
Frances Gebhard
Charlotte Gordon
Emma Holloway
Griffin Hough
Ava Jadul
Gregory Leedham
Brogan Panos
Sophia Peck
Sarah Pollock
Maxwell Richardson
Anne-Carter Riggs
Jonathon Seero
Jayden Smith
You can download award photos for free, or purchase them as packages and merchandise, here.

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