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Tabor Creativity Is On Display

Tabor students Sarah Blake ‘22, Lauren Cohen ‘24, Mary Townsend ‘22, and Emma Zhou ‘23 recently had artwork selected for the Marion Art Center’s newest exhibit titled, “High School Art Show.”

This exhibit features student works from Tabor Academy, as well as the surrounding schools of ORR Junior High School, Old Rochester Regional High School, Old Colony Regional Vocational Tech, and New Bedford High School. Between now and April 15, the MAC’s galleries will be filled with works by nearly thirty talented artists. 

Students were presented with the theme “Life in 2021: What Comes Next? Everyone has experienced challenges throughout the past year, some more so than others. Our lives have been upheaved in a way we could never have imagined due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many of us have also been affected by the turmoil surrounding race, identity, and politics. The way we interact with others is vastly different than it used to be, and our understanding of the world and our future is in a constant state of flux. Whether we have been changed emotionally, if important life plans have stalled, we all find ourselves in a different state of being.

What comes next? What does your life look like after the pandemic is behind us? Are there moments you wish to reflect on? What experiences - which can be simple but meaningful - are you eager to enjoy again? What do you look forward to when you think of your daily life in the relatively near, pandemic-free future?”

In addition, the MAC has partnered with the grassroots community organization Tri-Town Against Racism to showcase entries to TTAR’s recent Creative Expression Contest held during Black History Month, based on the theme “Beyond Martin and Rosa”. The contest was open to all students, grades 7-12, and was won by Tabor student Aliyah Jordan ‘23 for her poem, Heroes Unsung. Nearly forty works will be on display including visual and performing arts, video, poetry, and more. 

These exhibits can be viewed online on the MAC’s website at, and a small selection of works can be viewed in person at the Marion Art Center and in the MAC’s window display at the Marion General Store. Gallery hours are 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM Thursday through Saturday, or other times Tuesday-Friday by appointment.

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  • ACT (test center for Tabor students only)

    Given the pandemic, Tabor is hosting an ACT for its own students, primarily juniors.  
    These students register through MyACT with a specific code shared by the College Counseling Office. Registration deadline is March 12 (March 13-26: late fee required).
  • SAT (this is a School Day Test)

    Given the pandemic, Tabor is hosting an SAT for its own students, primarily juniors. Given the pandemic, Tabor is hosting an SAT for its own students, primarily juniors. Arrive for check-in no later than 7:40 AM and bring an official ID, #2 pencils, an admission ticket, water, and a snack.
  • Spring Long Weekend

    Boarders may sign out to go home
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  • Forecaster's Series: John Gannon '83, David DeFilippo '84, and Nicole Greene '95: The Future of Work

    The Forecasters Series showcases alumni leaders and up-and-comers in their industries who will "forecast" the next 18 months in their respective areas of expertise. Epidemiology, higher education, and professional sports are just a few of the topics slated for discussion. This collection of leaders is sure to help you understand the changes in their fields and explain how these changes may alter your daily lives. Whether your interest is professional or personal, these one-hour presentations are sure to enlighten, and help all of us navigate the future.
    A forecaster himself, Bruce Cobbold, taught us Heraclitus’ famous axiom, “Change is the only constant in life.” While this may never be truer than it is today, we are certainly better than ever at forecasting.
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