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Seawolf Joins Students of the Year Campaign

**Update: Congratulations to Charlotte and her team on passing their goal of $20,000 and finishing their campaign with a total of $25,203 raised! 

Where you find tragedy, you can also find hope and inspiration. In October of 2018, Tabor lost a wonderful soul — Jennifer Forker passed away after a battle with cancer, leaving behind her husband and three children. An outstanding nurse, Jen worked in the Tabor Health Center for nine years. Charlotte, the middle child in the Forker family is a current Tabor Sophomore. If you're a faculty or staff "kid" you spend a lot of time around campus, even if you are too young to be enrolled. "My mom worked at Tabor, and so I basically grew up here," explains Charlotte. The Health Center is where you might have found Charlotte on a day off, but it is also a place where you would find her mother as she tended to our students' physical and mental well-being. 

In memory of her mother, Charlotte undertook the challenge of raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society by joining the Students of the Year campaign with a goal of $20,000. "The way I found out about this organization was through my dad. He had his own fundraiser that he did at the beginning of the year called Light the Night." Once Charlotte saw her father's efforts raising funds, she thought she could do it, too. "I was like, oh, that sounds like a great idea. I just needed to know more about it."

The Students of the Year campaign is a philanthropic leadership development program during which students foster professional skills such as entrepreneurship, marketing, and project management in order to raise funds for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). Charlotte's team consists of 10 people. The participants include Tabor students and friends from Old Rochester Regional High School, a current Tabor nurse and even her school advisor. "It's a whole range of people who are helping me fundraise and they have their own mini fundraisers that add to mine. They are going to help me approach local businesses. My teammates from Tabor are going to help me do Tabor fundraisers." 

Kelly Walker, Freshman Class Dean and Spanish teacher at Tabor as well as Charlotte's advisor said, "Speaking from the perspective of her advisor and one of the people who signed onto the fundraising team, I would say that Charlotte has done a fantastic job organizing her team and sharing information that has led the group to raise $10,000 in the first week! She set the bar high for $20,000 and the team is working hard to help her get there. She has stepped up for a cause that is near and dear to her heart, and I am proud of her!"

At first, Charlotte was a little overwhelmed; she didn't know how she would reach her goal or even who to ask to join her team. But, once she sat down and made a list with her dad, things became more manageable and "everyone wanted to get involved right away." Currently, Team Charlotte has raised $18,600. Good luck, Charlotte!

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