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Moving on Up!

It is hard to believe that we have made it to the last day of classes for 2020!  Time has certainly flown by in this new reality we live in, though April and May are always the fastest months at school.  Seawolves: Congratulations!  You have managed to live through a historic year, and boldly so!

Today is typically the day that we enjoy a very moving Chapel service when we meet with the seniors for the last time as a full school community. Normally, we wish them well and give them a cheer, and then excuse them to leave us, at last, to greet their families, assembling on the waterfront before the start of Commencement. Then, looking at the hole the senior class leaves behind, we honor their leadership and immediately begin filling the hole. We move up!

Led by the new student Co-Heads of School, juniors physically move to the seniors’ seats, sophomores to the juniors’ seats, and freshmen to the sophomores’. In this way, we all graduate to the next year at Tabor with full anticipation of a great year ahead. It is both a physical and philosophical moving up. Once in our new spaces, we giddily look around from our new heightened perspective and notice pretty quickly the hole left by the freshmen: the hole to be filled with our newest Seawolves. We applaud the growth our freshman have accomplished, and remind ourselves of the mentorship each and every one of us at school provided to get them to a successful conclusion of their first year. We acknowledge that the same mentorship will be required again, to bring along the next new class of Seawolves in the right form, paving the way for them as others have done for us. Truth be told, we can’t wait! We love to help each other, and we love to see each other succeed.

As hard as it seems this year, and every year, time marches on. But happily, we will soon be together again. The relationships will continue to build, the accomplishments will continue to mount, and soon it will be another time to move up and onward. As we reach our time to move onward, we need to reflect on how we can still work to support our school, our faculty, and the classmates we love until such time as we can be together again. That was our reality this spring, and actually, that is the reality of alumnihood. Staying together and supportive, even when apart, is the continuity that makes Tabor so special. Tabor is for seniors, yes, we will miss you, but we hope we will see you again soon and enjoy your leadership and support in new ways. How about on Tabor Day next fall or maybe on a zoom call before then?

Until we meet again, we wish you all the best for a happy, healthy summer full of connection and growth. Be well, Seawolves! And congratulations to the Class of 2020.

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  • Cum Laude Induction

    This will be a time for the 26 inductees and their families to celebrate accomplishments. It will be a virtual event by invitation only.
  • Academic Prizes Celebrated

    In lieu of Prize Day this year, we will launch a webpage on 5/27 that will include a video greeting and speech from Eileen Marceau, Associate Head of School for Academic Affairs. Below that will be a brochure outlining the prizes and their winners. Several prizes will be held for distribution during the Celebration of Seniors event on May 29. After that event, all the prizes will be included in the brochure, which will be printed and mailed to prize winners as a keepsake.
  • Celebration of Seniors Livestream Event

    Please join us at for a fun virtual celebration of the Class of 2020.  There will be music, speeches, a walk down memory lane, awards, and more.  We hope you and your friends can join us.  The live stream will begin with a countdown and some student musical numbers at 9:30 AM. The program will begin at 10:00 AM.
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