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Senior Projects Present this Week

Despite Covid-19, the usual Senior Projects program continued, but in an adjusted format. Many seniors who had projects approved were simply unable to achieve what they had set out to do from home due to many varied reasons. Several others, however, were able to adjust their project scope and participate in an independent study instead.  

In all, nine seniors have been working hard on projects ranging from managing an investment portfolio to exploring fashion. Many of the projects have followed popular themes we have seen in the past from seniors, such as refurbishing boats to creating original music, art, and writing. Some more unique explorations this year include a student entrepreneur who explored and started a local beverage company, another who delved into the intrigue of Tarot readings, as well as another who researched skincare and the beginnings of his own line with a focus on more inclusive marketing ideas in the hopes that more men might enjoy the benefits of skincare products.

While we are missing the community-wide experience of enjoying performances, presentations, and exhibitions together, which typically animate the last two weeks of school with anticipation, we were able to enjoy one virtual opportunity! Kazim Ng invited anyone with interest to learn more about his skincare routine and product ideas. It was interesting to see all that he accomplished through his research and effort! This week, Tuesday - Thursday, students will be invited to hear from the seniors who have completed a project about their explorations and work. Three students will present each day at 11:00 AM on Zoom. These presentations often inspire underclassmen to undertake their own projects when they become seniors.

Please enjoy the blog posts below where participants shared their interests and learning over the last several weeks. As is typical with Senior Projects, it has been a pleasure for each of these students to pursue something that they love or are curious about and to experience the ups and downs of trying something new!

Well done, Seniors!

Blogs from Project Participants:

Listening to Learn by Samantha Shannon
Creating Marion Beverage Co by James Estabrook
Exploring Fashion by Eleanor Bomberg
Writing Satire as a Senior Project by Peter Murray

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