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Under the Sea

As we navigate new waters, the students are stepping up to share their thoughts and ideas as they have been adjusting to a more restricted life. Paige Franklin ‘20 shared a great blog post with us yesterday and late last night, Tian Zhou, faculty, reached out to say that his daughter, Emma ‘23, had created a new drawing that he thought captured how many of us are likely feeling.  

When Emma sent along her image, she included a brief artist’s statement about the work….it is both heartbreaking and hopeful. She said, “This drawing was influenced by how many of us are feeling at the moment. We, like the little koi mermaid, are stuck in our homes, feeling isolated on our own separate rocks. However, this mermaid looks to the light filtering through the water, brightening up this dismal scene. The light reflects off of her white and golden scales, bringing a little bit of beauty to an uncertain time.”

Thank you, Emma, for bringing a great deal of beauty to an uncertain time, not to mention leadership! By sharing their thoughts, both Paige and Emma are influencing us in a positive direction, allowing us to continue to feel the strength of our community.  

So please, share!  Share your stories, your art, poetry, music or whatever moves you. We are a powerful community and we can learn and be inspired by each other even while we are apart! 

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