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Enjoy Seawolf Radio

With the podcast revolution in full flower, Tabor’s Director of Academic Technology has invested time and effort to create our very own podcasting channel called Seawolf Radio!

Podcasts have gone from a trot to a gallop in the last five years and have transformed and expanded an area of communication that was previously inconceivable with live radio. Audiences are broadening, content is diversifying, and they have become a pillar of communication within education, news, sports, and entertainment. 

Petrocelli shared, “Podcasting is a great way for students to learn and share the art of storytelling, verbal communication, and gain experience with the technical end of production. Because of the asynchronous nature of Podcast creation, students have a lot more flexibility in creating content than they previously had with live radio. Allowing students to publish content publicly delivers a global audience that goes beyond their teachers and classmates.”

Seawolf Radio is still in its infancy, and much like the old Tabor Radio station called WTBR started in 1981 by Clark Burgard ’82, it will only stay alive with new ideas, commitment, and interest from students and faculty. Petrocelli added, “Creating and submitting content is open to all who are willing to capture a story, create music, or have an interesting topic to share. The Media Lab equipment is available for recording, and help is plentiful through our Student Help Desk and the Academic Technology Office.” Recent episodes focus on History, Science, Psychology, Health, and Music. We have also launched a new bi-weekly segment called Poetry at Lunch with Mr. Heavey and Mr. Chaput. Keep an eye out for "LogCast" coming soon. This is a new collaboration between Academic Technology and students involved with The Log to create Tabor news podcasts to enhance and complement their written work.

You can listen to Seawolf Radio on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or at

NOTE: We would love to hear from those alumni and faculty involved with the Tabor Radio station over the years. Your stories are important to us as we piece together its history. If you have a story to share, please reach out to Mrs. Petrocelli, Director of Academic Technology or Sophie Arnfield, Archivist. In the meantime, enjoy a visual timeline here.

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