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What Super Bowl Sunday Looks like to Student-Volunteers

by Lauren Boucher, faculty

While others were resting up for Super Bowl LIV festivities, a group of Tabor students worked together to support the mission of both Tabor Academy and Gifts to Give in New Bedford, an organization that, among other things, distributes gently-used clothing and shoes to families that need them. By collecting, sorting, and packing gently-used clothing and shoes to go to Gifts to Give, Tabor students practiced citizenship and philanthropy through their gifts of time and treasure while also becoming more caring and committed citizens.  

After students met up with Tamar Cunha, a key member of Tabor’s community service faculty team, she broke them into two groups.  She drove one group of students around campus, going dorm-to-dorm to collect clothing and shoes that had been donated by both students and faculty families.  That group delivered bags to the Academic Center where another group of students sorted the items. If the clothing and shoes passed the “gently used” test, they went in one direction.  If the items were scuffed and stained, they went into a recycling pile. A bag of textiles made up of tee shirts and jeans made their way to Tabor’s Braitmayer Art Center where art teacher Tric Smith will use them in the art curriculum.  Students and faculty will use other textiles, turning them into pet toys; the toys will eventually make their way to a local animal shelter. Gifts to Give sends items that are too worn to be given to families to another organization that recycles them -- next to nothing ends up in the trash.  

Several hours later, students hauled the bags to the Gifts to Give Mobile Donation Station trailer, which was parked just outside the Fish Center.  The next day, the trailer was hitched to a truck and taken to 1 Titleist Drive in Acushnet, home to Gifts to Give. We are proud of our student-volunteers and happy to partner with Gifts to Give.  

If you are associated with an organization that can use student-volunteers, please reach out to Lauren Boucher at or Tamar Cunha at  Besides donating time to local organizations on a weekly basis, Tabor’s community will hold its second Morning of Service on Saturday, April 18.  Send us an email if your organization can use some helping hands that day.  

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