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#TaborTime2020 is coming...

Our 3rd annual Day of Giving, #TaborTime2020, is coming February 25 & 26!  These days have been hugely successful and have inspired the entire Tabor community to remember shared experiences, showcase Tabor pride, and support our School by the Sea.

How does it work? Starting at 8:00 AM EST on Tuesday, February 25, Tabor will start the 1876 minute countdown and encourage 1000 donors to make their best gift. Why 1876 minutes? Well, it’s our founding year! And, it gives everyone a little more time to participate and ask others to join. This means the full campaign ends at 2:16 PM EST on Wednesday, February 26. 

Highlights from the past include the many class challenges that have been created, designed to empower new and returning donors to support Tabor and represent their affiliation. Also, the popularity of the various video projects we have shared, such as Carpool Karaoke and our music video based on the movie La La Land, have been fan favorites. Take a look here to enjoy our video archives from the last two years; we’re planning to bring just as much creativity and excitement to #TaborTime2020!

To prepare for #TaborTime2020, take a look at the social media toolkit we’ve created to allow people to download images for their social channels. Want to increase the efforts and encourage peers, friends, and classmates to get involved? Feel free to attach these social icons to your email exchanges or within text messages. 

Further, we hope participants will make a profile on the GiveCampus platform.  GiveCampus is the secure and interactive site we use for this campaign to help showcase the success of the day.  The platform tallies the results in real-time, keeping everyone up to date on the latest news and numbers. When donors login to GiveCampus before making a gift, the program will autofill their information and make giving quick and easy. 

Our Days of Giving have proven to be an important part of increasing participation among all our constituents. We look forward to connecting and hope you will encourage your Tabor family to jump into the fray and enjoy the day! 


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    Reunion 2020 Planning and the Coronavirus
    As of today, we have suspended reunion registration. With that said, we continue to plan for Reunion Weekend, June 5-7. There is no predicting how the coronavirus will spread or when it will abate, however. We are closely monitoring developments to help us make sound, intentional decisions. In the event of cancelation, all Tabor fees associated with Reunion Weekend will be refunded.
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