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What Community Means at Tabor

After a month of starting up, learning new rules and meeting lots of new students and faculty, we are at last ready to open our campus to alumni and parents to join in our community life during the month of October. But what exactly does community mean at Tabor?

We often say, “Once a Seawolf, Always a Seawolf,” and we mean it! When people join our community, we embrace them and all the ways they augment our life here. Some people are shy and quiet, others boisterous and loud, some have amazing talents that they share publicly, while others prefer to share them more privately. At Tabor, we make an effort to appreciate them all. Later, at Alumni Reunions and days like Tabor Day, we remember our friends and faculty through fun stories, laughs, and sometimes tears.

Our admissions brochure speaks to the concept of WE/ME. Most people, if they are aware of this concept or not, may not realize that WE/ME is also playing with the word WElcoME:  something we also hope our community projects...a welcoming place. The concept of WE/ME is about how both the WE (the community) and the ME (the individual) are made stronger by the interconnection between the two. The team needs the strength of each individual member, and the individual grows from the support of the team. It is this interconnectedness that best describes the power of the Tabor community.

Teachers rely on each other to make them stronger teachers through valuable honest feedback and advice. They rely on each other to cover their duties or classes when life gets in the way of work. They rely on each other in good times and in tough times: We live together, we are a village, we care about each other, we are a team.

Teachers expand this sense of community to include their students. They welcome them into their homes for fun, they invite them to meet up for counsel, for tough discussions, and to congratulate them and celebrate victories large and small. We bring students into community with us to make them stronger, to make them feel part of the whole, to model for them how to lift each other up through love, support, and trust. We do this to make bonds, bonds that can last for life.

Students are the same. They rely on each other for intel, for support, for encouragement, and for nerve. They support each other in victory and failure and really push each other to try new things, to be bold explorers and thinkers. They comfort each other in failure and let each other know that the failure is never catastrophic….and in that way, they too build lifelong bonds. Community.

What is best about Tabor is that our community celebrates both the newcomers and those who have come before us. Older students help new students learn the ropes, just as seasoned faculty help new faculty. Today’s students welcome alumni when they return to campus, and eventually those alumni, in turn, help recent grads into new environments all over the world. Someone modeled that behavior for us….it might have been a student or faculty leader, or just someone close by who noticed we needed a little boost. Whatever it was, it was a caring act, a kindness shared, showing us how to make people feel like they matter, like they belong.

As we welcome alumni and parents and trustees to campus this month for Tabor Day, Trustees Meetings, and Fall Family Weekend, we recognize the strength and power of our Tabor family. We each play a part in the WE that makes every ME feel included, strong and independent, someone who knows just what to do to give back. Together, person by person, we create the power behind the Tabor Community we are so proud of.

Welcome to October.  A time to celebrate community at Tabor. Join us!

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