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Research Adventure in Costa Rica

On Tuesday, a group of ten intrepid Seawolves and their teachers set out for an adventure in Costa Rica. They will be in the country until August 9.
Working with the Seeds of Change organization, the students so far are enjoying the amazing sights, learning the rules at the camp, as well as some interesting facts about the staple crop, cacao, which provides the chocolate for their evening desserts! By the evening on their first day they had already begun to learn more about the research they will be doing in this intensive science emergence program. Working side by side with professional university researchers, our students will be studying the nuances of social structure and chemical communication in leaf cutter ants, and ecology and behavior of green, Ridley and Kemps sea turtles. 
Already the group has been amazed by the impressive creatures they have seen so far:
  • Humming Birds
  • Lizards/Iguanas
  • LOTS of dragonflies
  • Termites
  • Night Hawk (Not actually a hawk, just a bird)
  • Litopates (Lee-Toh-Pat-Es)
  • Many kinds of spiders/crickets
  • Bullet ants
  • Giant Grasshopper (the size of a hand)
As they get into their research project, we hope you will follow their blog here. It is truly a fantastic opportunity for these students as they study with professors who are some of the top scientists in their fields.  


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