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Orientation at Sea Begins!

Monday was the real first day of school! We welcomed our first new Seawolves to campus at 8:30 AM as they arrived for a big adventure on Tabor Boy: Orientation at Sea. Many were on hand to greet them with great enthusiasm for the year ahead.
The group of fourteen students included 5 international students hailing from China, Taiwan, Japan, as well as students from all around New England. Each rightly seemed a little nervous, asking what was in store for them aboard the ship, but also eager to jump in! Parents too seemed excited for the start of something special.
The students will be out on the bay for 4 nights, returning Friday morning. Along the way they will learn to be part of a productive community that has to work together to succeed. They will learn from our program director a lot about Buzzards Bay: the geography around it, the critters that live in it, and even the people that use it for business and community. From the schooner crew the students will learn how to sail Tabor Boy, the points of sail, the names of the sails and the parts of the ship; they will learn some navigation as they head off to Cuddyhunk and return via Woods Hole; they will learn important traditions such as how to take part in colors (honoring our flag at sundown), how to work together on the morning chores as well as on watch. Everyone has a part to play and all are important. It is a great microcosm of our wider school community and ethos.
Just before they said goodbye to their parents, Mr. Quirk gave the students a quick pep talk, acknowledging that it can be an unsettling feeling to be starting out on a new adventure. He likened it to when one steps out to take a step. Just before you land that extended, vulnerable foot, you are in two worlds, he suggested, planted in your past reality and just about to be planted in a new one. This is the first step of many into countless opportunities for this first class of orientation participants.
We wish them all the best on starting out on the right foot!

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