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Summer Travel Ahead!

It has been a week since summer began at Tabor, and already we are looking forward to getting back into learning! For some of our Seawolves, summer means taking a cool trip with Tabor faculty and friends. There are several such trips departing as early as June 9 and continuing throughout the summer. Read on to learn more about how our summer trips abroad will provide all manner of enrichment and adventure to the participants!
On June 9, Tabor students will head off on an evening flight to Paris! Their week-long itinerary includes four days in Paris sightseeing, an overnight in Rennes where they will stay with a host family, and the weekend in Normandy with a visit to Mont Saint-Michel and the beaches of Normandy. In Paris, they will visit all the top spots: Sainte Chappelle, the Pantheon, the Latin Quarter, Boulevard Saint Michel, Champs Elysees, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Musee Rodin, Montmartre, Sacre Coeur, Versaille, the Louvre, Holocaust Memorial, and so much more…even a ride on the Seine in a Bateau Mouche. It sounds like an adventure fantastique! Especially as Matt Sandefer, French teacher, said he is looking forward to “helping the Tabor students discover French cuisine!”
Frank Townsend, Classics teacher, will be taking seven students interested in Latin and ancient history, art, and culture on a grand tour of Italy. They will visit Rome, Pompeii, Siracusa and Palermo, Taormina and Capri. Enjoy the photo here of the Palazzo dei Normanni. Townsend shares, “It was built first by Phoenicians, then conquered by Romans, rebuilt by Muslim Moors, then Normans, before becoming part of Italy. It is a perfect example of cultures from Asia, Africa, and Europe colliding in Sicily over 1000s of years, and the influence on art, language, and culture.”
Steve Downes and Rick DaSilva will take their annual trip with students and faculty to Asia for a series of service programs, Tabor dinners, school visits, and explorations, departing on June 10 through June 21.  First, our fifth annual Southeast Asian Service program will see four faculty and ten students return to Vietnam for collaboration with villagers on house building and school learning in Ben Tri district, on the coast south of Ho Chi Minh City.  These service trips provide a great chance to learn about other cultures and to experience a new ecology and environment while working together with new friends. Following the service trip, the faculty will be joined by Mr. Cheney, Mr. Quirk, and Mr. O’Connell to meet hundreds of new and current Tabor families and alumni in Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, Beijing, Seoul, Taipei, Shanghai, and Tokyo. In addition to these Tabor activities, faculty will meet administrators from RDFZ Xishan School in Beijing, and we hope initiate contact with our new partner school in China, Beijing High School.  We are eager to continue to build on these friendships and to appreciate this essential part of the Tabor experience.
Tabor Boy heads off on her race to Bermuda on June 14. While she has made the trip countless times before, this will be her first time racing in the Marion Bermuda Race! Student, alumni, and professional crew will join Cap Geil on this historic adventure as Tabor Boy competes against fellow tall ship Spirit of Bermuda in the Classic Yacht Division. Tabor Boy is also in the celestial navigation class and will also seek to win the Youth Challenge Cup, for boats with 2/3 of their crew made up of sailors under 24 years of age. Tabor Boy heads home just in time for the Orientation at Sea program that over 100 of our incoming students will take part in. Follow their progress during the race here.
Our last trip will be held from July 30 to August 9. Faculty members Sarah Kniesler and Matt Moore will take ten students on a trip to Costa Rica to do some learning with the Seeds of Change organization. The students will be participating in an intensive science emergence program where they will work side by side with professional university researchers studying the nuances of social structure and chemical communication in leaf cutter ants and ecology and behavior of green, Ridley and Kemps sea turtles.  This is an impressive opportunity for these students as the professors they will be studying with are some of the top scientists in their fields.  
All in all, our summer trips offer students a chance to learn something new, gain a new perspective, and enjoy an adventure with friends as they gain a better understanding of the wonders of our world.

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